Days 46 and 47: Time to make up for the time spent on the game.


So basically, both Days 46 and 47 were about making up for the time spent in the game. Whenever I go to a football game, that’s 5 hours of my time I’m not using to do my homeworks and readings. I learned, today, that was definitely precious time as yesterday I went to bed after 3 am and slept less than 6h. Today I woke up and I seriously didn’t want to go to the CE 382 class. As I had feared, I didn’t do so well on the midterm, but I surely will make up for that. All I can say though, is that at least it was worth staying up that late because I finished the RAT without any major problems.


Today was also about preparing myself for the career fair. Man, am I scared about that. I had only one job interview in my life and I don’t feel prepared to talk to a bunch of recruiters/employers about why they should give me an internship for the next Summer. I did all I could: read their websites and plenty of tips, but still…

Oh well, I guess will see how that will play out tomorrow.


Day 45: One struck of bad luck after the other, I suppose


So today started hungry. I was starving. I woke up early to go to the mall only to find out it opens only at 10 am (what fucking type of mall does that???!). Later it was decided it was best to go a place nearer which had cheaper clothes, and that was definitely wise because, indeed, the clothes were cheap (besides being good enough, too).

Afterwards, I came back. Went to the gym and worked out in quickest way I could perform while still doing the sets and repetitions right. Then I came back, changed my clothes, went to the bus stop only to find out it had already gone (that wasn’t my fault because I wasn’t late. The bus was way too early. It was supposed to depart at 2:30). I managed to get the next bus, met another guy from Alexander on my way to the stadium, but I lost him there, so I was alone for the whole game. I tried going to the SEZ section (I was in the NOR one) to meet one of my friends, but the sections were so full they allow me to get inside. I tried, I really tried. On my way to getting inside the stadium, though, I was met with a really nice surprise of “can’t go inside with the water bottle, you have to dispose of it and if you don’t like it, just go away” that came from one of the nicest security officers.


It turned out it wasn’t worth watching the whole game because after the third quarter it became obvious we weren’t going to win, so I left. Since I didn’t feel like waiting for the buses’ doors to open, I went back to the university on foot, and that was actually a very bad decision. It was dark and I was afraid of getting robbed or of something else worse than that. But fortunately I came back in one piece, and managed to eat at Fountain.

Day 44: Surprise, mothafucka!


So today I have to say I was caught with my pants down because of the CE 382’s test. The test was too long for only 1h and 15 min and the professor included questions harder than the ones I got for the homeworks and quizzes. I thought I would do pretty well on the midterm, but I don’t think I got a good grade. When the result comes, I will post it here.


Afterwards, I decided not go to the brickyard to get the giveaway clothes because I thought I wasn’t wearing red (always remember the phrase “Wear Red on Fridays”, but I was with my Adidas Lift Off shoes and the are red).

I came back to my room and went to the gym. Today was chest day so it was very quick and that was good. Today, I had to make the most of my time because tomorrow I’m going to the football game and I could benefit the 5 hours I’m going to spend from getting the bus to coming back to my dorm. Tomorrow will be rougher than usual because I need to buy some formal clothes, go to the gym, go to the game and study. Ah, and do my laundry too. I just hope I will be able to do all things, so I will spend as little time (and money, of course!) as I can buying clothes.

And I got another surprise today: I went to the Creamery in DH Hilll Library only to find out they used my money on the Allcampus account to pay for the milkshake! Now I have to make another deposit of $10.00 on the account and pray it will never happen again by not taking any chances with the places that work on Equivalency. I have no Dining Dollar anymore and spending another $10.00 because eventually I will need to print documents is not what I planned to add to my mind today as another problem. I just hope IIE will make the deposit for Thanksgiving before I have to print the lab assignments for CE 381, but I’m almost sure that won’t happen.

Now let me get back to course activities and really make the most of my Friday’s free time, lol

Days 42 – 43: No clue what to type as the title, lol


So let’s go over the most important things that happened yesterday. Homework for the CE 382 Hydraulics was pretty easy, really, really easy. I really think I will do pretty well on the test tomorrow morning. CE 381 Hydraulics Lab was just as the other lab classes, nothing interesting happened there. Afterwards, I went to play racquetball with my friend from Pakistan. It didn’t go well because 1) he insisted a less bouncy ball was better than the one we first got and 2) racquetball can become pretty boring after a while. Today I actually forgot I could have invited him to play tennis, but I wouldn’t have done it either as I had a lot to do.


Today was pretty fun because I introduced a really fun funk song to my roommate. It’s called “Vai Lacraia”. I insisted he should listen to Tati Quebra Barraco too, but he didn’t want to, lol. I started teaching him some Portuguese words. I also learned he likes the religous music from the WYD in Brazil.

Day 41 – Great day!


So today was composed of some great moments, except I forgot (again) to take my teeth brushing apparel with me and had to come back after the MEA 200 class just so I could get rid of the annoying feeling you get when you don’t brush your teeth. When I was going back, I met Chelsea (I think that’s how her name is spelled) and a girl asking if today we were going to meet at Pullen Park or not for the FOR 220 class.

MEA 200 and FOR 220 classes were just as usual. After spending my time with them, I went to Fountain to eat and guess what happened afterwards: I decided to try a very sweet milk they have here and it almost destroyed my stomach. It was so sweet it made me feel so bad I thought I wouldn’t be ready for the GTI 401 class. But gladly, I had some stomach medicine and they worked pretty well. I only had to go the bathroom 10 times today, lol.


Today was the First Day of Fall (officially) and it was (still is) pretty cold (55 ºF). The change from the last day of summer to the first day of fall wasn’t gradual at all. Yesterday, it was still hot and the weather app on my phone tells me it’s gonna rain some days from today. It also tells me the temperature is gone be about this cold.

Has my English improved since I came here? Definitely a little bit. I’ve gotten used to talking to people in English and prefer the English language even when I’m with my Brazilian friends.

Today I met my Pakistan friend (don’t remember his name at all) in the GTI class and  I found out he was expecting a message from me about when we were going to play tennis. That made me feel pretty bad, but we are going to make up for it tomorrow after CE 381’s class.

Time is passing quickly here now that I have a routine here, and I hate and love that. Routine is great in a way because it makes me feel like I have control over something, but time simply appears to pass quicker because you are doing the same things over and over. I have even stopped taking pics because there’s nothing new to take pics of.

Day 40 – Oops!


So yesterday I played racquetball with my American-Brazilian friend (ie, was born in Brazil, but raised here) and I’ve gotta say I feel pretty bad. We didn’t know how to play the sport, so we kept hitting the ball to the wall. We play very badly (although, I play it worse than him) and ended up hitting him with the ball.


Day 39: Had some shame time at tennis


So, I have started playing tennis recently (although just to build friendships) and it has been loads of fun, but I just can’t play it right. I fail so bad at so many aspects of it it’s laughable. Next time, I will try Racquetball to see if I can improve some things.


Today not a lot happened. I just spent most of my day studying. Boring stuff. And man, did it take long to finish that chapter from the FOR 220 textbook.