From Day 4 to Day 25: Sorry about everything


So all this time I didn’t post anything here and there’s a very good reason for that: I just didn’t have time for my blog and I’m so sorry about this! To rectify that, I’m making this post where I will post all the important things that have happened to me so far. It’s not the same thing as dedicating a post for each day, but I don’t remember everything that happened anymore during all the days that have passed and I really want to continue this blog.

Alright, so since Day 3, I think that’s when my roommate, Dat, came. He’s a pretty cool guy. Always helps me with everything. We’ve become good friends. On Day 4, if I’m not mistaken, I went to the campus’ bookstore for the first time and was impressed by the quantity of university items they sell there. One thing I didn’t like about it is the prices. They are very expensive, but still if you are into as NC State as me, you will definitely agree that spending the extra money on a Wolfpack blanket is worth it. On Day 4 or 5 I must have gone to the Wells Fargo Bank too to open a bank account. I didn’t search about which bank is better than which, but I’m pretty happy with Wells Fargo so far. On Day 3 I also called my mom for the first time with the International Calls plan I bought from T-mobile.


On Day 5 I went to Walmart to buy stuff and it’s where I got a beautiful Turtle Beach PX3 headset! And man, am I happy I decided to spend about USD 100.00 on this device! It’s sooo good. On Day 6 there were many preparations for the First Day of Class Day.

On the First Day of Classes I was pretty calm about everything. I didn’t have everything I needed yet, but I wasn’t worried, although I was surprised the professor of CE 381 – Hydraulics Systems and Measurements Lab. I mean, I was told Americans don’t do that sort of thing, but apparently that particular professor is a rarity here. CE 382 – Hydraulics had a pretty interesting class. Plenty of homework assignments (one of them was due that week’s Friday and I had to read 30 pgs of the textbook). Man, that was tiresome, but I managed to read everything by Thursday. Here, it’s very important to read the textbooks when the professors asks you to because next class they give you a questionnaire about it. On Day 4, I went to a Welcome Week event at Miller Field and it was great! Lots of free food and stuff for you to play with, like this one:IMG_20140817_190458

And here’s the free food (I had to try it, of course):


On the second Day of Classes, Day 8, I had a pretty boring class of Introduction to Oceanography, and I know you are impressed by that. It wasn’t because the content of the class was boring, because it was actually interesting, but the professor’s voice simply puts me to sleep. I’m actually worried about that, so next time I will seat closer to the professor to see if it actually helps me pay attention to what he says. I also had my first class of Urban Forestry on this day, and this one made me VERY alert. We are going to have to do a project and I have a news presentation this November the 25th. My English is enough for day-to-day communications, but sometimes I struggle. The thing about the project that worries me is having problems with going to the sites where we have to collect data. Public transport here sucks a lot in terms of availability and what places you can go to with it, so I hope someone from my group will take me to the places I need to go to or if I can pay my roommate for that service.

On Days 10 and 11 I remember I went to Roses Express and it was a delight! So many good items for sale and they were all so cheap. Some things I bought from there I regret doing so, but it was because at the time I still didn’t know how to go shopping properly. I bought some shoes from there and they came in different sizes, but to my surprise the store was open on the Sunday and they allowed me to get the right pairs for no additional fee!

And yes, I switched to English now hahahahah. I’m using this blog for internship reasons too.

On the second weeks of classes I didn’t do a lot of interesting things. I went downtown on Wednesday alone because Pedro didn’t want to go. I think that week I payed for the personal trainer. I remember downtown was really, really good. Didn’t regret one bit spending my precious time there hahahaha. I also started jogging. Went downtown on foot twice that way, and I should definitely so that again. I just hope the muscle-building sessions won’t get in the way. I LOVE exploring the city on foot.
IMG_20140827_152741Then the third weeks of classes was about the same. Went downtown again. Got some good scores on the homework. Labor Day was tiring, and I the football games were very good. I really need to finish this post now, but I will post things as I remember them in the other posts too.

Man, there’s just so much I want to write down here.

And this is the link to my Internmatch profile:


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