Day 26: Lots of rain



So today I got up to a wonderful weather. I do prefer the colder temperatures and the lack of sun hitting my eye all the time and not having to worry about passing sunscreen on my body, but man I hate the rain. I think it’s still raining, but I cannot be sure about that at the moment. One thing you should know about here is that buildings are closed shut from the outside, so you rarely see or hear what’s going on out there.

So I went to my only class of today (CE 382 Hydraulics) and it was fun. I was able to finish the in class homework by myself and with my team successfully. But before I continue I want to tell you I was kinda in a hurry this morning. It was the first day I had to worry about the rain here, so it took me some time to prepare everything for the day. And of course my roommate, as effective as he is, didn’t take 15 min to go to his class. He actually headed out before me.

Then I went to the Dining Hall (Fountain, this time). Had a wonderful lunch there. They had different kinds of pasta and this weeks is peanut week, so we have plenty of infinite peanut-based foods now hehe.

After that, I spent the rest of my day just studying and oh my god, reading that book about Oceanography put me to sleep faster than the professor, unfortunately.

Dinner wasn’t as good as lunch (no pasta this time), but I managed to eat healthily again. I have stopped eating cakes and ice cream for dessert, and I don’t drink Fanta or Coca-Cola Zero here anymore. I’m done with my days of eating a lot of anything I want hehe. I also got a take-out container so that I could eat later at night. It actually worked pretty well, except I didn’t want to spend my dining dollars on that because of the extensive line behind me. I need to internalize that dining dollar is just money and it was given to me to be spent.

Tomorrow I might try that omelet they make here as I will have time for that.


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