Day 29: Getting used to how classes work here!


So today was what you can call a successful day because I managed to finish FOR 220 in-class work in time and without much effort. Although, I’m a bit worried I wrote down wrong when my news presentation is (and talking about this, I should check it out to see if I got it wrong or not) because I noticed there aren’t a lot of people left to present and November 25th is still very far.


MEA 200 was still very boring, although sitting closer to the professor still helps me pay attention to him. Before the class started, I heard someone say that last term’s first midterm asked very specific questions and that worried me a little bit (just kidding, it worried me a LOT). I still don’t think I’m prepared for the midterm.

Then I went to Roses Express to buy some essentials and hopefully I won’t need to go back there so soon. It’s really far from here! But I got almost everything I needed (still looking for facial skin soap that’s the equivalent to the one I brought from Brazil. Hopefully Walmart has one). But Dat did get some kitchen sponge for me, so at least I can clean the UTFPR’s cup and the one I got from the first Coffee Talk at Alexander. I also tried changing the position of the US flag today, but the new hooks simply didn’t stick to the walls of my room properly. I still feel bad about wasting them like that.

And tomorrow I will definitely remove the trash in my room.

Ah and I can’t forget that today I had my introductory session in the library with the personal trainer. It was great, but I feel it might not have been enough. Not only there’s a tendency to doing the exercises the wrong way, I don’t remember all the exercises’ names in English. Hopefully by having a companion those things won’t be too much of a problem. But today I did go to the gym again to test the treadmill and it was great. I didn’t know how to use at first, but it wasn’t hard to learn the commands.


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