Day 31: Here I am, talking about yesterday again


So so far, I haven’t been able to give this blog a lot of attention and as a result, my posts have become smaller. I know that sucks, but it’s simply what things have become here. There’s just so much homework. I’m afraid I might not be able to finish them all properly. But it’s okay, I suppose. I’m living my dream here.


Talking about what yesterday, I have to tell you it was a better day than on Friday. I woke up, it was raining but still tried to go to the gym (it was closed, so I had to come back to my room). Since the Dining Halls open for brunch at 10:30 am, I spent the free time with washing my clothes and studying for the Oceanography midterm. Then I went to Fountain to have brunch. It was good, but they didn’t have corn dogs this time (man, I love corn dogs).

Afterwards, I went to the gym. Worked out like a beast hehe, and without Pedro because he’s lazy :P. Came back to room and studied. Oh, and before that I bought my tickets for a Chicago trip. I was pretty undecided before buying them because I am going there alone and there are so many uncertainties, but the price was too good. I imagine I would have felt bad had I not taken the opportunity. I expect to spend not a lot more than $500.00 on that trip. I’m still a little scared because things work a little differently here, but also excited. It has to be worth it! Also, I had problem making my mind about trip. Sometimes, it happens with certain expensive things.


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