Days 33 and 34: Wrap up


So sorry again I’m doing this, but I’m really overwhelmed buy the amount of stuff I have to do. I know my 10 years older self will not pardon me for doing this.

So on Monday I had some really great moments, and the one that pops up now is when I went with some friends to spray on the Free Expression Tunnel. Since it was my first time, I wanted to do something really good, so I painted a message showing how pride I am of being part of Group B of the Call 143.


And you know what? People liked this more than I thought they would. Julia even updated our group’s Cover Photo on Facebook with it. Really cool hahahahaha

I sprayed other messages there, like “BRs at NC State” and “UTFPR”, but I only did it because I thought I had to make my chance of spraying the tunnel memorable and worth it.

I lost IIE’s last webinar and I know it was important, but I think I can get any information I need about it from my friends here.

On the Tuesday, I had a really bad day. Starting with the gym. I couldn’t count my sets right because I wasn’t 100% focused, and continuing from there onwards to: think I did pretty bad at my first test here (why were there so many questions and why do we have to know so many useless things about Oceanography like the length of galaxy’s spiral arms?) and many awkward moments.

Now, I’m trying to see if I can start doing the lab memo because I’m afraid I might not be able to finish it soon enough.


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