Day 35: Not the best, but still a good day


So as I hope the Wi-Fi will start working properly and let me listen to my songs without stops, I’m here writing what happened.

So today was a pretty interesting day. Because I went to sleep late at night, I got up at 9 am and went to the CE 382 – Hydraulics class. It was the same class of always, except I believe I got closer to my group mates (man, I really want to have more American friends!). Afterwards, I had another class (CE 381). It was a pretty crazy class because I failed at measuring some things so many times I wanted to kill myself (ok, not really, but it was embarrassing). I couldn’t focus on the class because something really bad happened: because of a confusion regarding my last name, I believe, my MEA 200 professor thinks I didn’t show up for the first midterm. I sent him an email telling what happened, but he hasn’t answered me yet. Tomorrow I will see if I can talk to him before the class starts. Even though I didn’t do well on the test, I still want my score. I think he’s a good person, so he should definitely understand what happened and fix the problem.

Later I went to Man Mur, a barber shop on Hillsborough Street, and I gotta say I’m not totally okay with the haircut I got there. The service was great and faster than it usually is in Brazil, but $16.00 is way too much for a haircut. I like the hairstyle, though. Just wish I wasn’t in a big hurry and asked him to shorten my hair more.



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