Day 36: Some things are getting better


1411049871717Well, about Day 36, I can say I have managed to fix my problem of feeling sleepy during the MEA 200 class. I can now watch the professor’s classes and pay attention to what is being taught. That will definitely help me get a better score on the next midterm, as I didn’t very well on the first one (I got a C, and most of my classmates got an A or B). I don’t feel bad about that, though, because I know it wasn’t my fault. And good news! The professor was very friendly and wasn’t angry because of my mistake on the test.

The courses here are getting very hard to follow though. So many things to do. It’s crazy. I really wish I had more time to spend with my friends, specially my foreign ones.

My roommate has already gone to his family house for the weekend. Wish my parents lived here too :/


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