Days 37 and 38 – Wow, a lot happened


But unfortunately I will have to squeeze them into a short text because of the lack of time. I know you tired of hearing “I don’t have time”, but I definitely DO NOT.

Friday was pretty interesting because of two things. I went to a Speed Friending and met a lot of nice people from everywhere. I even met another Brazilian the LIVES here (he’s not part of the BSMP). We have become friends already and I’m excited to play tennis with him next Monday. On Friday, I also found out IIE chose me as the student of the month for September and that made me feel really great. It was a nice surprise because I wasn’t expecting that at all.

On Saturday, I went to the stadium to watch another footballl match, and honestly, it was by far worst one for me. I know the people I was with were great, but I’m not close to them, so the match didn’t feel very exciting. Also, we won so easily (42-0).


And that’s it for today, time to go to bed.


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