Day 41 – Great day!


So today was composed of some great moments, except I forgot (again) to take my teeth brushing apparel with me and had to come back after the MEA 200 class just so I could get rid of the annoying feeling you get when you don’t brush your teeth. When I was going back, I met Chelsea (I think that’s how her name is spelled) and a girl asking if today we were going to meet at Pullen Park or not for the FOR 220 class.

MEA 200 and FOR 220 classes were just as usual. After spending my time with them, I went to Fountain to eat and guess what happened afterwards: I decided to try a very sweet milk they have here and it almost destroyed my stomach. It was so sweet it made me feel so bad I thought I wouldn’t be ready for the GTI 401 class. But gladly, I had some stomach medicine and they worked pretty well. I only had to go the bathroom 10 times today, lol.


Today was the First Day of Fall (officially) and it was (still is) pretty cold (55 ºF). The change from the last day of summer to the first day of fall wasn’t gradual at all. Yesterday, it was still hot and the weather app on my phone tells me it’s gonna rain some days from today. It also tells me the temperature is gone be about this cold.

Has my English improved since I came here? Definitely a little bit. I’ve gotten used to talking to people in English and prefer the English language even when I’m with my Brazilian friends.

Today I met my Pakistan friend (don’t remember his name at all) in the GTI class and  I found out he was expecting a message from me about when we were going to play tennis. That made me feel pretty bad, but we are going to make up for it tomorrow after CE 381’s class.

Time is passing quickly here now that I have a routine here, and I hate and love that. Routine is great in a way because it makes me feel like I have control over something, but time simply appears to pass quicker because you are doing the same things over and over. I have even stopped taking pics because there’s nothing new to take pics of.


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