Days 42 – 43: No clue what to type as the title, lol


So let’s go over the most important things that happened yesterday. Homework for the CE 382 Hydraulics was pretty easy, really, really easy. I really think I will do pretty well on the test tomorrow morning. CE 381 Hydraulics Lab was just as the other lab classes, nothing interesting happened there. Afterwards, I went to play racquetball with my friend from Pakistan. It didn’t go well because 1) he insisted a less bouncy ball was better than the one we first got and 2) racquetball can become pretty boring after a while. Today I actually forgot I could have invited him to play tennis, but I wouldn’t have done it either as I had a lot to do.


Today was pretty fun because I introduced a really fun funk song to my roommate. It’s called “Vai Lacraia”. I insisted he should listen to Tati Quebra Barraco too, but he didn’t want to, lol. I started teaching him some Portuguese words. I also learned he likes the religous music from the WYD in Brazil.


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