Day 44: Surprise, mothafucka!


So today I have to say I was caught with my pants down because of the CE 382’s test. The test was too long for only 1h and 15 min and the professor included questions harder than the ones I got for the homeworks and quizzes. I thought I would do pretty well on the midterm, but I don’t think I got a good grade. When the result comes, I will post it here.


Afterwards, I decided not go to the brickyard to get the giveaway clothes because I thought I wasn’t wearing red (always remember the phrase “Wear Red on Fridays”, but I was with my Adidas Lift Off shoes and the are red).

I came back to my room and went to the gym. Today was chest day so it was very quick and that was good. Today, I had to make the most of my time because tomorrow I’m going to the football game and I could benefit the 5 hours I’m going to spend from getting the bus to coming back to my dorm. Tomorrow will be rougher than usual because I need to buy some formal clothes, go to the gym, go to the game and study. Ah, and do my laundry too. I just hope I will be able to do all things, so I will spend as little time (and money, of course!) as I can buying clothes.

And I got another surprise today: I went to the Creamery in DH Hilll Library only to find out they used my money on the Allcampus account to pay for the milkshake! Now I have to make another deposit of $10.00 on the account and pray it will never happen again by not taking any chances with the places that work on Equivalency. I have no Dining Dollar anymore and spending another $10.00 because eventually I will need to print documents is not what I planned to add to my mind today as another problem. I just hope IIE will make the deposit for Thanksgiving before I have to print the lab assignments for CE 381, but I’m almost sure that won’t happen.

Now let me get back to course activities and really make the most of my Friday’s free time, lol


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