Day 45: One struck of bad luck after the other, I suppose


So today started hungry. I was starving. I woke up early to go to the mall only to find out it opens only at 10 am (what fucking type of mall does that???!). Later it was decided it was best to go a place nearer which had cheaper clothes, and that was definitely wise because, indeed, the clothes were cheap (besides being good enough, too).

Afterwards, I came back. Went to the gym and worked out in quickest way I could perform while still doing the sets and repetitions right. Then I came back, changed my clothes, went to the bus stop only to find out it had already gone (that wasn’t my fault because I wasn’t late. The bus was way too early. It was supposed to depart at 2:30). I managed to get the next bus, met another guy from Alexander on my way to the stadium, but I lost him there, so I was alone for the whole game. I tried going to the SEZ section (I was in the NOR one) to meet one of my friends, but the sections were so full they allow me to get inside. I tried, I really tried. On my way to getting inside the stadium, though, I was met with a really nice surprise of “can’t go inside with the water bottle, you have to dispose of it and if you don’t like it, just go away” that came from one of the nicest security officers.


It turned out it wasn’t worth watching the whole game because after the third quarter it became obvious we weren’t going to win, so I left. Since I didn’t feel like waiting for the buses’ doors to open, I went back to the university on foot, and that was actually a very bad decision. It was dark and I was afraid of getting robbed or of something else worse than that. But fortunately I came back in one piece, and managed to eat at Fountain.


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