Days 46 and 47: Time to make up for the time spent on the game.


So basically, both Days 46 and 47 were about making up for the time spent in the game. Whenever I go to a football game, that’s 5 hours of my time I’m not using to do my homeworks and readings. I learned, today, that was definitely precious time as yesterday I went to bed after 3 am and slept less than 6h. Today I woke up and I seriously didn’t want to go to the CE 382 class. As I had feared, I didn’t do so well on the midterm, but I surely will make up for that. All I can say though, is that at least it was worth staying up that late because I finished the RAT without any major problems.


Today was also about preparing myself for the career fair. Man, am I scared about that. I had only one job interview in my life and I don’t feel prepared to talk to a bunch of recruiters/employers about why they should give me an internship for the next Summer. I did all I could: read their websites and plenty of tips, but still…

Oh well, I guess will see how that will play out tomorrow.


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