Days 74 – 79: Let’s summarize eveything again!


I don’t remember a lot about what happened last Sunday, except that I was unable to play the PS4 again. Man, I know, that sucks,  but this time I will definitely have time for that.

It’s better if I just talk about all the days at the same time. I went out with my group from FOR 220 to collect more data on the trees. Many houses have already been decorated for Halloween, but not all of them. That makes me feel better because I want to have Halloween, but events haven’t gone in my favor at all. I have tried going costume shopping and to a haunted farm with my friends, but so far they have been pretty unreliable. I wish I didn’t have to say that, but it’s what is happening, unfortunately. Gosh, it’s not a big deal, though, at least that means I will save some money for other things.


Today I had the Hydraulics second midterm. Man, I made a silly mistake and one question I didn’t know the answer for, but I still think I did great this time. I must have gotten most of the questions right. I am confident. The real, problem, again, was the time. I didn’t have enough time to think things through. The professor gave us candy (I know, that’s unusual and funny), because it’s Halloween.

Halloween is great, but most people are interested in partying with costumes. That’s not something I’m interesting in and the reason why I wanted to go the haunted farm.

Next Monday I’m going to Crabtree Valley Mall to buy my prescription glasses and very soon I will go to Roses Express to buy new pants. The gym has made my legs thicker, so the jeans pants I brought from home don’t fit me so well anymore.


Day 73: Some interesting stuff happened!


So today started off when I went to the bookstore to buy to two tees and one jacket. I had to buy them. I had two 5 dollars discount for red tops and I couldn’t leave this place, NC State, without a jacket with the university’s symbol on it. I spent about 73 dollars on all of them. The bookstore is expensive, but it’s the best place to buy university apparel.

I went to have brunch afterwards with a Chinese friend. He’s a cool guy. We talked about a lot of things. Oh, I’m still hoping not to pass shame for once when I order the omelets. This time I wasn’t sure my order was “processed” by the guy, and I thought he had asked something else when he was done making my omelet. Tomorrow we gonna have brunch again, so I will try the omelet another time. Hopefully I will get the situation right this time.

Afterwards I had a meeting with some of my Brazilian friend regarding the trip to Orlando, FL. They dropped it. They aren’t going anymore. I want to find some companions so that I can split some of the fees like taxi. I might have to use them in Orlando because I know the public transport sucks there too.


I spent the rest of my day pretty much studying. I have to make sure I will make up for the first midterm of CE 382. I missed the Survive Raleigh and the Freak Show at Turlington. It will be worth, though, and I will be able to have some free time afterwards.

Day 72: Pretty normal day


Except that mom told that another magazine just came to their home these last days. I made sure they didn’t pay anything related to it, but I’m a little afraid of what might happen because of that. In case they do charge me for the magazines, I certainly won’t pay it. If that really happens, I will try to solve the case over my phone, but I’m pretty sure I can’t do that. Either way, it should be nothing. I just find it weird how after so much time, another magazine decided to come O.o


I feel better now. I don’t want to admit it, but many things here have started to piss me off… I have to keep in mind this is one of the best moments of my life and I cannot let the small things get the best of me.

Today something pretty funny happened during one of my meeting with the FOR 220 project group: I can’t tell you :P, but it was great. That’s something I didn’t expect from Americans. But talking about today’s meeting, we got turned off a lot of times. I think that’s because we had 2 men in the group this time hahahahah One of the people we going to talk to didn’t even let us talk to her. She shouted from inside her house. I couldn’t even see her. Not only was that rude, it was weird.

Day 71: NC State Fair


So the highlight of the last Thursday was definitely the fair. It was amazing. There were lots of good quality, different, deep fried foods. I tried the fried oreos and the Krispy Kreme burger, but that was it. I wanted to try the other foods, but they seemed a little too expensive and my Pakistan friend didn’t want to try them at all. And actually, I think the Fair, for me, would have been better if he weren’t so unwilling to try all the attractions. At least I can say I made him go to the Super Shot and man, was that cool! It was going up and up and suddenly, it fell to the ground! I really felt I was going to fall. I can’t tell my mom I went to the Super Shot, though hahahahahha


I definitely do want to go the fair again just so that I can try the other foods and attractions, but I have stuff that’s more important than that that I need to do.

Before I went o the fair, I received my FOR 220’s midterm result. I did great. I got a 90 out 100. That’s an A, I think (I haven’t memorized yet the grading system here yet).

Oh, and before I went to sleep, you know what I had found out? That you can only go the restaurants here 10 times a week. I was unable to get food yesterday at Talley because of that. I was so pissed off I could beat up someone because of that. I have been having so many troubles here because of things I didn’t know or understand. I had to go find a place to eat at midnight. The only good place nearby was Jimmy Johns, and even the sandwich I ate there for almost $7.00 didn’t kill my hunger. Gosh, it sucks so much not to have a car in this city. There is a really good place to eat stuff at here. It’s called the “Cookout”, but it’ very far. There’s a bus that could have taken me there, but public transport here isn’t frequent (as in: if you miss a bus, you will probably have to wait something between 30 min to 1 h. That’s freaking RIDICULOUS). But I guess it’s alright. I’m not dead.

Day 70: Feeling bad


Because I shouldn’t have told my parents the sponsor was late with the next payment as it would have avoided her sending me more money. Now, I don’t refuse more money, but it’s way too expensive to make transfers like that now. Too many taxes. Last time I thought it was expensive, but this time it was even more expensive than that. What was R$ 1000.00 became just USD 357.00 😥 – and that’s not counting the USD 16.00 the bank removes because of the service it is providing to make sure the transfer goes through.

But suppose what is done is done. Sending her the money back wouldn’t be worth it at all. The truth is that I don’t feel too bad because she said they have more money they can spend, so they will probably never miss those R$ 2000.00.

But enough about that. While I was talking to her, there were two crickets near me. That’s the first time I saw them in person. Man, I was a little scared because they can jump really high. After I realized it wasn’t a good idea to stay there. I just left and went to Hillsborough st.

Changing the subject completely, though, I have already started studying for the second Hydraulics midterm. The professor posted the study guide today and I gotta be more prepared than I was last time. This time, I will make sure I will get a very good score. I have to review everything plus do new different exercises.

So, tomorrow I’m going to the State Fair. I feel excited about that because of all the hype surrounding it. It’s gonna be good thing because it will take my mind away of my current problems.

And lastly, I’ve found some new friends to go to Disney with! My Brazilian friends, though. Kinda wish the Chinese hadn’t given up as traveling with foreigners would be a very opportunity to train my English.


Ok, I said “lastly”, but there’s still one last thing I wanna tell you: I really hope I will secure that internship position at Intelligentsia. That would remove something I’ve been worried about since when I learned that I can’t do a summer course.

And I cannot forget to include the fact that I failed today’s CE 381 quiz because I forgot what a certain equation was like and was unsure that asking him would be a good idea. Going through shame is certainly something I don’t experience here.

Day 69: Not much to tell


Except that I’m replacing Talley with the Atrium. The latter has much better, less calorific food. I slept a lot this time. Oh, they painted the whole Free Expression tunnel with pink for the breast cancer awareness. My next payments from CAPES are going to come soon (probably tomorrow or the day after). I’ve noticed my English has improved. I managing my time better now. A little about the next CE 382 test.


Just routine. Not much to tell, really.

Oh, and I haven’t managed to select all the courses I need. The Spring semester does not have as many options as the Fall one for me.

Days 67 and 68: Finally had some time to play the PS4 again


Yesterday I had some free time to play PS4 after having done all the available course activities. Interestingly, though, I only had  la that chance because of one of the professors forgot to post the data collected in the last lab class of CE 381. Also, I didn’t warn him until today because I didn’t feel like missing the chance of going into the game lab hihi

I played Killzone: Shadow Fall for what I believe almost 3 hours. I found out the game was pretty good, a little hard and sometimes hard to find out what to do.


Today nothing interesting happened except I’m not as in high spirit as I was yesterday. I have been managing to apply to some internship positions, read the news, and do some other things except studying all the time.

Oh yeah: so my next quarterly payment has been ordered and soon I will be able to buy the tickets to go to Orlando, as well as the Disney ones!