Days 48-51: Busy week


So this week, I was pretty busy. As I mentioned before, I had a career fair to go to. My roommate helped me a lot. He gave me a ride to a clothing store so that I could buy a formal shirt and appropriate shoes and helped me out with tying the tie. We went to the career fair together on the first day of the event. I have to say the event went better than I expected. I was calm, but I’m not a people person. Even so, I managed to get 2 companies interested on me (4 on both days). On the second day, I went there alone and something unexpected happened: this one woman from BTEC was an Elvis Presley fan so when she saw my name, she was VERY (like, ridiculously happy) for seeing my name. I got the feeling, from her, she would have given me a position regardless of my qualifications. Unfortunately, she didn’t have anything for Summer at the time, but she surely will contact me later in case something comes up.

On Thursday I had another rest day from the gym, so I managed to do a lot. I and my group have now officially started the FOR 220 project. It’s not gonna be difficult, though, just time consuming.


Today nothing interesting has happened so far, unfortunately. The day to go to Chicago is getting closer, though, so soon I will have a lot to write here. I’m sure there’s still a lot to see in Raleigh, but I haven’t had the time to go downtown again.


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