From Day 52 to 57: Gonna be hard what has happebed since the last time I posted here and Chicago Day #1


So I believe, after Friday, I spend my Saturday and Wednesday studying. I really had a lot to do. There were a lot of content to cover for the FOR 220 and MEA 200 midters, plus a reading for CE 382 and a memo I had to work on for CE 381. On monday, nothing interesting really happened, as far I remember (man, this is why I don’t like when this happens. I just can’t remember eveything that has happened so far), On Tuesday, I had the tests I just mentioned and I did pretty well (very different from my first CE 382 and MEA 200 midterms). But now, let’s go to what I really want to talk about: CHICAGO!!!

So on Wednesday, I hadn`t finished preparations for the trip a few hours before I was on the plane (I know, it was wrong, but surprisingly – or maybe not -I managed to get here with everything I needed, although I learned I could have just bought a bag similar to my checked one in a smaller size). I went to the bus stop, had to wait a while (I hate the bus system in Raleigh, specially after seeing how much superior CTA is). I got at the airport, and in the process I found out where the state fair is. At the airport, one unusual thing happened: I think I saw one of the actors from Game of Thrones there (I don’t watch GOT, so I don’t know who he is, but he’s the small guy). I called my mom to warn her I was going. On the flight to Detroit, I was able to see the Carter-Finley Stadium and it was awesome! It’s a really, really beautiful stadium. The flight was okay, just loud, as usual. In Detroit, I received an unexpected warning from Delta my flight had been delayed by one hour. That gave some time to wander around the airport (which is large) and eat a big mac at the local McDonalds (and actually, I feel really bad about this. Since I left Raleigh, all I have been eating is Big Macs at the McDonalds). The flight from Detroit to Chicago was also okay and I managed to get at Midway safely. It was dark and I was afraid of getting robbed, but nice people helped me out by helping me figure out how to get the 7 day pass Ventra card so that I could use the CTA trains and buses) and giving me some tips on Chicago (in this last one, a women stayed with me for half of my trip from Midway to Wrigley Hostel). When I arrived at Addison station, it took me a while to find where hostel was because there were no big signs (and I was looking for one). I had to find it by looking at Google Maps while being afraid of being assaulted and found it when I saw the sheet sign where it was written “Wrigley Hostel” (okay, I know, no one expected that). Another reason it was hard to find it is: it’s similar to all other buildings.

After being received by one the hostel officers (which’s a really not friendly person – I guess I got used to how friendly people are in Raleigh -, being in the north and a big city does make the prople from Chicago very different from Raleigh). I took shower, but before that I got teased: I thought I could use the bathtub, but unfortunately they don’t have something I could use to close the bathtub’s hole, so I had to take a really awkward shower in the bathtub, but I guess that’s how it’s supposed to be because it’s not cool to take looong showers when there are other people who want to use the bathroom too. Now, talking about what the hostel looks and feel like, I gotta say it’s a really nice place, even though it’s old. It makes me feel I’m in a movie honestly. I can’t believe I’m in Chicago. Had someone had a few years ago I would be in Chicago and doing an exchange program on one of the best universities on the planet, I would have said: “you are crazy! How in the world can that happen?!. I don’t like this place’s smell, though. Dammit, I really shouldn’t have eaten both bigmacs in Downtown. I feel very hungry now. Another I gotta say about the place I’m staying at is that I was afraid to leave my things unattended, but today I came back from a really busy day in Downtown and everything is still here. I know I should be careful, and I have been, but I believe the people here are okay. This is my first time in a hostel, so now I know what to look for when booking places.

When I woke up, I gotta say I had my healthies breakfast after coming to the US (which is kinda crazy). I took the red line train to go downtown. There, I just wandered around until I stumbled upon Millenium Park. Found The Bean, the orchestra site and really beautiful fountain. There were a lot of constructions going on around Millenium and I almost got run over by a golf cart. About Chicago, thoug: yes, it’s really windy here and there are a lot of buildings everywhere.

I went east from Millenium and stumbled upon the Aquarium Clara and Rafaela were. I got very curious about those places and because I determined I could still visit a large part of the city on Saturday, I bought the city pass for $94.00. It was totally worth it. Adler Planetarium and Shedd Aquarium are AMAZING. At the Planetarium, I watched a show about starts and galaxies and stuff like that. At the Aquarium, I saw many, many different animals, including whales, penguins, otters, jellies and I even touched a fish’s back!


I took a lot of pictures from downtown (it’s really an amzing place, even though everyone seems to be in a hurry and the traffic is chaotic). Before I came back, I had some trouble figuring out where the closest McDonalds and train station with a connection to red line were, but I managed to get here safe and sound.

Now, it’s time to figure out what I will want to do tomorrow.

See you!


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