Day 59: Chicago Day 3



So on Saturday it was time to visit (or try to) visit all the other places I couldn’t go to: the other two attractions (Field Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry) and the zoo. Going to Field Museum was the priority and that’s where I went to first. The place is just incredible. Lots of really good exhibits and a 3D movie (I watched the one about Sue, the world’s most complete T-Rex). Man, that was awesome. I mean, being close to the most complete collection of bones from a T-Rex in the whole world is a life event to be remembered for years from now and actually, I will never forget I saw Sue in person. The other impressive thing about Field Museum was the inner pyramid section with the sarcophagi and mummies. Also the skeleton of a humanoid that died thousands of years ago. Man, just remembering these life lasting events makes me feel just so happy for being there once in my life. I don’t like how much I spent going there, but I always forget that when I remember all the experiences I had. Another thing I need to tell you all is they have real old Egyptian wall inscriptions. It’s awesome!! All these things I never imagined I would see in person, after seeing them before only in books and things like that, just oh man… Awesome. Just a really incredible experience.


I spent as much time as I could at Field Museum, but I had to go. So based on Clara’s suggestion, I went to Gino’s East “The Original” of Chicago to get the famous Deep Dish Pizza. I gotta say the pizza was pretty good, even though it still had the same bad tomato sauce that Americans keep on being stubborn about using it, but it was expensive (well, in a way it wasn’t, because I didn’t eat anything else afterwards) and I had to wait 45 min for it to get ready. Now, if it were just something not related to Chicago’s culture, I would have gone somewhere else (probably McDonalds) to get something more quickly, but since I apparent couldn’t leave Chicago without eating its famous deep dish, I stayed. While trying to find ways to pass the time in the building (which is an impressive one, btw, very iconic because the all have texts written on them and the whole place feel very unique). After eating the pizza, I realized I couldn’t go the Museum of Science and Industry because it was already closed and if I went to the zoo, I wouldn’t have time to explore it well and I would feel like I wasted some money for buying the CityPass and not having gone to all the attractions it covers. What I did was I went to 360 Chicago, even though I didn’t want to do that because it’s just a worse version of the SkyDeck. Surprisingly, though, I changed my mind about it. Yes, it very similar to SkyDeck, but the views are very different and I could actually see the beaches and the sunset (great timing, I suppose).

From there, I went back to the hostel. In the hostel, I accidentally met some Brazilians. One of them was from the BSMP as well! Afterwards,  I went to sleep and try to make my mind about the fact that in a few hours, I would be leaving Chicago for how until I come back.


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