Day 60: Chicago Day 4


It feels wrong to call it day 4, but I had to. On Day 4, obviously I didn’t have to visit anything (unless you consider visiting the O’Hare Airport as touristing, but I assure you: there was nothing interesting to see there). It was just as any other airport. It was cool seeing it for the first time, but I don’t consider an attraction. When I got there, I was hungry because I left the hostel before breakfast time, so what I did was I bought breakfast from McDonalds (because I didn’t know where else to go except Starbucks, but I didn’t feel like going to Starbucks I would have a real breakfast) and I still regret ever doing it. It was just… bad. I also bought a milkshake, but it was too sweet. Suffice to say I didn’t eat everything and was glad when it was over.
Flight from O’Hare to Atlanta was smooth. Nothing interesting happened except I went to a plane bathroom for the first time. I took some pictures from when I was all the way up there and recorded a video of the plane landing. In the airport, I decided to explore the place a little bit because during my first time there, I didn’t have for that at all. It’s a really big place and I was afraid of getting lost there, so I didn’t explore everything. But I did find some interesting sculptures and statues. I took a selfie with one of them hahahaha


In the airport, I ran into a group of friends and on the way back to NC State, they gave me a ride. When I got back here, I had so many plans like going to the gym and studying, but suffice to say I didn’t have the mind in the right place to do them. I was sleepy and couldn’t focus at all. I still managed to get a good grade in the CE 382 quiz.

The result of my days in Chicago? Two snowglobes for me and lots of good memories!



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