Days 61 to 64: Back to the old routine :'(


I got back to my routine very quickly. Nothing very interesting happened on Monday as far as I can remember. On Tuesday I had the dinner with the American “family” (in quotes because the hosts were just one guy and his friend. Interestingly, that guy was our professor’s boyfriend). I went to his house with another Brazilian and an Chinese. It was a lot of fun because the hosts were very nice. The dogs were friendly and playful. Their names were Ace and Mobly. The last one could play with the ball and the first dog, with the rope. We had kebabs (FINALLY found the name of those sticks on the interwebs). They were great, but I kinda wanted them to have had more meat than vegetables. I guess he just wanted us to have something healthy for dinner. The house was beautiful on the inside and outside. They had already started decorating it for Halloween (which reminds I still have to buy my costume).


On Wednesday I talked about my experiences in Chicago and on the American dinner, and I liked that a lot.

Also, on Tuesday, I booked a place in New York for the New Year for $94.00 only, and I’m not going there alone. Man, I feel like I hit the jackpot with that. It was a mistake by the host. The price was supposed to be $100.00/night/person, but I got very lucky to have booked before she made the correction. She didn’t like it as she stopped answering my questions and I’m pretty sure she’s going to be very mean to us, but I managed to save a lot of money.

Today I made some of my final preparations for the Thanksgiving trip to Disney World. I’m so excited about that!

Oh, something interesting happened on Monday: I went out with my group to measure the trees in a household. That was a lot of fun!


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