Days 67 and 68: Finally had some time to play the PS4 again


Yesterday I had some free time to play PS4 after having done all the available course activities. Interestingly, though, I only had  la that chance because of one of the professors forgot to post the data collected in the last lab class of CE 381. Also, I didn’t warn him until today because I didn’t feel like missing the chance of going into the game lab hihi

I played Killzone: Shadow Fall for what I believe almost 3 hours. I found out the game was pretty good, a little hard and sometimes hard to find out what to do.


Today nothing interesting happened except I’m not as in high spirit as I was yesterday. I have been managing to apply to some internship positions, read the news, and do some other things except studying all the time.

Oh yeah: so my next quarterly payment has been ordered and soon I will be able to buy the tickets to go to Orlando, as well as the Disney ones!


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