Day 70: Feeling bad


Because I shouldn’t have told my parents the sponsor was late with the next payment as it would have avoided her sending me more money. Now, I don’t refuse more money, but it’s way too expensive to make transfers like that now. Too many taxes. Last time I thought it was expensive, but this time it was even more expensive than that. What was R$ 1000.00 became just USD 357.00 😥 – and that’s not counting the USD 16.00 the bank removes because of the service it is providing to make sure the transfer goes through.

But suppose what is done is done. Sending her the money back wouldn’t be worth it at all. The truth is that I don’t feel too bad because she said they have more money they can spend, so they will probably never miss those R$ 2000.00.

But enough about that. While I was talking to her, there were two crickets near me. That’s the first time I saw them in person. Man, I was a little scared because they can jump really high. After I realized it wasn’t a good idea to stay there. I just left and went to Hillsborough st.

Changing the subject completely, though, I have already started studying for the second Hydraulics midterm. The professor posted the study guide today and I gotta be more prepared than I was last time. This time, I will make sure I will get a very good score. I have to review everything plus do new different exercises.

So, tomorrow I’m going to the State Fair. I feel excited about that because of all the hype surrounding it. It’s gonna be good thing because it will take my mind away of my current problems.

And lastly, I’ve found some new friends to go to Disney with! My Brazilian friends, though. Kinda wish the Chinese hadn’t given up as traveling with foreigners would be a very opportunity to train my English.


Ok, I said “lastly”, but there’s still one last thing I wanna tell you: I really hope I will secure that internship position at Intelligentsia. That would remove something I’ve been worried about since when I learned that I can’t do a summer course.

And I cannot forget to include the fact that I failed today’s CE 381 quiz because I forgot what a certain equation was like and was unsure that asking him would be a good idea. Going through shame is certainly something I don’t experience here.


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