Day 71: NC State Fair


So the highlight of the last Thursday was definitely the fair. It was amazing. There were lots of good quality, different, deep fried foods. I tried the fried oreos and the Krispy Kreme burger, but that was it. I wanted to try the other foods, but they seemed a little too expensive and my Pakistan friend didn’t want to try them at all. And actually, I think the Fair, for me, would have been better if he weren’t so unwilling to try all the attractions. At least I can say I made him go to the Super Shot and man, was that cool! It was going up and up and suddenly, it fell to the ground! I really felt I was going to fall. I can’t tell my mom I went to the Super Shot, though hahahahahha


I definitely do want to go the fair again just so that I can try the other foods and attractions, but I have stuff that’s more important than that that I need to do.

Before I went o the fair, I received my FOR 220’s midterm result. I did great. I got a 90 out 100. That’s an A, I think (I haven’t memorized yet the grading system here yet).

Oh, and before I went to sleep, you know what I had found out? That you can only go the restaurants here 10 times a week. I was unable to get food yesterday at Talley because of that. I was so pissed off I could beat up someone because of that. I have been having so many troubles here because of things I didn’t know or understand. I had to go find a place to eat at midnight. The only good place nearby was Jimmy Johns, and even the sandwich I ate there for almost $7.00 didn’t kill my hunger. Gosh, it sucks so much not to have a car in this city. There is a really good place to eat stuff at here. It’s called the “Cookout”, but it’ very far. There’s a bus that could have taken me there, but public transport here isn’t frequent (as in: if you miss a bus, you will probably have to wait something between 30 min to 1 h. That’s freaking RIDICULOUS). But I guess it’s alright. I’m not dead.


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