Day 73: Some interesting stuff happened!


So today started off when I went to the bookstore to buy to two tees and one jacket. I had to buy them. I had two 5 dollars discount for red tops and I couldn’t leave this place, NC State, without a jacket with the university’s symbol on it. I spent about 73 dollars on all of them. The bookstore is expensive, but it’s the best place to buy university apparel.

I went to have brunch afterwards with a Chinese friend. He’s a cool guy. We talked about a lot of things. Oh, I’m still hoping not to pass shame for once when I order the omelets. This time I wasn’t sure my order was “processed” by the guy, and I thought he had asked something else when he was done making my omelet. Tomorrow we gonna have brunch again, so I will try the omelet another time. Hopefully I will get the situation right this time.

Afterwards I had a meeting with some of my Brazilian friend regarding the trip to Orlando, FL. They dropped it. They aren’t going anymore. I want to find some companions so that I can split some of the fees like taxi. I might have to use them in Orlando because I know the public transport sucks there too.


I spent the rest of my day pretty much studying. I have to make sure I will make up for the first midterm of CE 382. I missed the Survive Raleigh and the Freak Show at Turlington. It will be worth, though, and I will be able to have some free time afterwards.


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