Days 74 – 79: Let’s summarize eveything again!


I don’t remember a lot about what happened last Sunday, except that I was unable to play the PS4 again. Man, I know, that sucks,  but this time I will definitely have time for that.

It’s better if I just talk about all the days at the same time. I went out with my group from FOR 220 to collect more data on the trees. Many houses have already been decorated for Halloween, but not all of them. That makes me feel better because I want to have Halloween, but events haven’t gone in my favor at all. I have tried going costume shopping and to a haunted farm with my friends, but so far they have been pretty unreliable. I wish I didn’t have to say that, but it’s what is happening, unfortunately. Gosh, it’s not a big deal, though, at least that means I will save some money for other things.


Today I had the Hydraulics second midterm. Man, I made a silly mistake and one question I didn’t know the answer for, but I still think I did great this time. I must have gotten most of the questions right. I am confident. The real, problem, again, was the time. I didn’t have enough time to think things through. The professor gave us candy (I know, that’s unusual and funny), because it’s Halloween.

Halloween is great, but most people are interested in partying with costumes. That’s not something I’m interesting in and the reason why I wanted to go the haunted farm.

Next Monday I’m going to Crabtree Valley Mall to buy my prescription glasses and very soon I will go to Roses Express to buy new pants. The gym has made my legs thicker, so the jeans pants I brought from home don’t fit me so well anymore.


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