Days 80 and 81: Posting early this time


Yay, so I didn’t manage to have Halloween as I wanted because my friend didn’t show up at all (no bid deal. I didn’t like it, but he didn’t mean to do that). What I did for Halloween was to go with my roommate’s friends to watch a movie at Bragaw Hall. They were good people and going out made me feel better because I was pissed off that everyone was having a great time at Halloween’s night and I was stuck in my room, searching for an internship (I still haven’t had any luck after securing and losing a position at Intelligentsia International).


Today I had a very normal day except when a random guy came to talk to me while I was eating at Fountain. That was really weird and I even asked him if he usually does that kind of thing. He said he does, but I didn’t get why he keeps doing that. He does realize a lot of people think it’s odd. He’s a cool guy, though.

I’m also supposed to meet my Indian friend for dinner today. I’m looking forward to that.


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