Days 82 to 84: almost three months in the USA. Wow, can you believe that?!


Time flies. Now that the routine has set up, the passage of time is faster than before. In the first few weeks everything was new. Now, everything feels like home and you don’t pay attention to all the little things that have become my background. That’s unfortunate, but also okay. It just means this is my home now and has gotten much harder leaving it (can’t think about this. It’s gonna be painful).


Gosh, I hate myself sometimes. I know my mom misses me and that I was a crying baby when I left her in Brazil, but I cannot feel the same thing I felt that day. I still remember crying when the coin dropped, that I was leaving her, my dad, my family behind, that I would see them only a year after. I guess, now that I remember everything, I am also remembering what I felt that day. The overwhelming sadness…

I am getting increasingly worried about my weight. It does kinda seem I am getting fatter. I am not completely sure about that.

Today I got an exciting news: I won the $25.00 gift card for the Bookstore and tomorrow afternoon I’m going to Daniels to reclaim it. That’s gonna be exciting because it’s not always you win something like that. I will probably buy something useful for winter, though. Winter pants, I believe, if I’m sure they will fit me. I don’t know if they have fitting rooms.


On Monday I went to the Mall to buy glasses, pants and another winter jacket. I didn’t manage to buy everything, though: they were soo expensive, specially the glasses. I went first to Sears because some people recommended  me that place, but right before I made the purchase I invented a silly excuse about having to check something at the ATM so that I could leave that place. I realized way before the the frame wasn’t worth the price at all (it was plastic and they were asking $99.00 for the frame and lenses). I didn’t think that was a good deal at all. I could have gotten that frame and lenses in Brazil for less than half that price tag, definitely. I should have said I didn’t want to buy it and that I was leaving way before we reached the point of “how are you going to pay for this?” part, but I wasn’t brave enough until I had no other chance than to have to make a really bad deal. What I did afterwards was to look up another place on the internet that sells frames and glasses. Fortunately, I found a pretty good metal frame plus scratch/damage resistant/non-reflective lenses for just $95.00. Considering how good the frames seemed to be, I thought that was the best deal I could have made that day and in the US without having to resort to prescription glasses websites. I managed to pay everything with my credit card and that means my mom and dad will pay everything for me so that I can save money for the trips. The woman that was talking to me didn’t understand my first name and address at all, but I suppose that’s fine.

Still at the mall, I ran into Gamestop again. Oh man, I almost did the crazy thing of buying a PS4 and some games. It’s soooo cheap and I would felt so good bringing back a PS4 with me to the university, but I couldn’t do that. I HAVE to wait until the first price drop that will certainly happen next year. It’s the wisest decision.

Today I played Baseball at the Game Lab in Hunt Library with my Chinese friends. They were so cool and we had a lot fun trying to make Kinect work. My team lost the match, but that’s okay. I don’t give a shit about winning in virtual games at all. The important thing is to have fun.

Afterwards, I played the Xbox One for the first time and what a great game I started off with: Deadrising 3! That’s a really good game and I better play Xbox One exclusive games as much as I can here because I will probably never buy one.

I will see you!


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