Days 85 to 86: Bought new pants and shorts with the gift card!


Yesterday was a lot of fun. I got the new gift card and had gone to the bookstore to see what I could buy there. Well, I needed new pants and shorts, as well as a new umbrella. Everything was expensive there, so I couldn’t just buy everything. What I did is, I waited until today and went there… well, today hahahaha I bought a really good pair of pants and shorts. The shorts is the best thing though. Very good material. I took a picture of them.


Also, I cant forget I went yesterday to the campus cinema to watch Guardians of the Galaxy with my roommate! I love doing fun things with him when I can!

Today there was free doughnut! I was wearing red and passing by the brickyard and students were just giving them to lucky people like me. I love Krispy Kreme doughnuts!


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