Day 89: Things went downhill with my roommate, but they are progressing


I just hope they can go back to normal. I really, really didn’t mean what I said, and in a way it’s kinda unfair because more than once I did feel offended by some of the things he said, but I never made a huge deal out of them because I knew he didn’t mean them. For now, I’m trying to be as respectful as I can and help him as much as possible so that I can feel comfortable around him again. Maybe a few days from today, once he’s cured from the flu, he and I can be playful with each other like before.


Today I finely finished the bulk of the Literature Review assignment from GTI 401. Gosh, I hated talking about it and I’m sure I’m going to add some sub-headers and new paragraphs, but it shouldn’t take too long for me to be done with that.


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