Day 90: Three Months!!


So, three months have already passed since October 14th, the day I arrived in Atlanta, GA. Gosh, why does time have to pass? I want it to freeze. I don’t want to go back to Ibiporã and my life there. I have something much better. I just need to take my family here. I only have 9 months left. Damn this J-1 Visa. Give a permanent one already. I’m half American, after all and my name is Elvis.

But enough about that and more on what happened today. Not much happened today, I have to tell you. I tried making my parents understand how video chatting works, but it failed horribly in so many levels. I went to the College of Natural Resources 85th Anniversary at McKimmon Center and the good thing was that I didn’t have to sign up beforehand. I read the news the professor posted on the Moodle page and I found out I had to sign up for the lunch, but not for attending the event. When I read the news I said to myself “my god, why didn’t I pay attention to this before? Did I just fuck it up?”. But everything ended fine in the end. Well, not totally, I guess. I still have to write the paragraph on what I learned from the symposium. That’s a hard thing to do because the woman that was doing the presentation talked about her life, her family, her puppies, and everything else except about “Climate in Sustainability”. My paragraph will certainly be a very short one.


I’m a little worried about MEA 200. The professor lectures are just so boring most of the time. I can’t pay attention because he speaks breaking the sentences. That makes my brain want to sleep so bad.


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