Day 91: Grocery Shopping + Got the New Glasses Today!


CE 382 today’s homework quiz was a little worrisome. I don’t know why, but I felt very agitated while doing it. I think it was related to having to go to the mall to get the glasses. Well, I finished the homework without any difficulties. It took me a while to get it done, unfortunately. I really hate this “finals” system they have here. Having to revisit all the previous contents sucks. That’s the biggest reasons I studied hard for every course in Brazil so that I would never have to deal with the Exams.


Am I getting fatter? It doesn’t look like I am. The cardio exercises don’t make a lot of difference. I was doing them in Brazil just because I liked not to feel sedentary. The trick is what you eat and in what quantity. It’s difficult to have a healthy diet here. Almost all the campus food items are unhealthy and the healthy ones don’t kill your hunger. You are pretty much stuck with buying food at Harris Teeter (the only supermarket close by). And I didn’t buy anything healthy this time. I am still feeling agitated. One reason for that is that I had a really good day and it was very different. Having different days isn’t bad, but I feel calmer when a day is just like any other one. At Harris Teeter today, I used my credit card to buy all kinds of unhealthy food items I could imagine and wanted really bad: doughnuts (and they are so cheaapp!), chips, Nutella for the bread buns. Why do I feel agitated about those things? Well, I am always worried about my weight and I feel kinda forced to eat them before the validity date. What I need to do is to remind myself: don’t worry, eat them when it’s appropriate (replace the late nights meals with them and during the trip at Disney World). I gotta remind myself I bought them mainly because some times I get very hungry and there’s nothing I can eat, and I really wanted to eat them and that I don’t have to worry about validity at all.

The new glasses feel fine now. At first I was worried I didn’t like them because I didn’t feel buying them here was a good idea. I didn’t feel sure I was getting something on par (or better) with what I could have gotten from Brazil for the price tag I payed. It’s fine now. The frames are okay. So are the lenses. It’s better than the one I have.


Surely, man. Don’t worry about the food you bought. That’s not why you bought them. Take them with you to Orlando. Eat them there without exaggerating. The left over you can eat when you come back or just eat when it’s appropriate before you go. Do what you feel is right. I can’t believe I’m telling myself these things, lol.

And no, there’s no such thing as an panettone here. They are known in some parts of the USA, but not here. I will probably not have Christmas Bread (as they are more commonly called here, I believe) this Christmas.

And my roommate is very ill. He didn’t want to get his flue shot at all. He should have gotten, but he’s kinda stubborn.

Also, there’s this guy. I’m not sure if I’ve talked about him, but he’s so nice and interested in me. Like, overly interested. I feel he’s gay and into me and is trying to figure out if I’m gay and feel the same way.

Also, how I hate the public transportation of this city. It took me the entire afternoon just to get the glasses and the food. I’m planning on going to Chapel Hill to visit the city, but of course I can’t do that during the weekends (the bus that takes people from Raleigh to there only works on weekdays). I don’t know when I will go there, but I will keep trying. I want to meet a friend of mine there, if I can.

Another thing. I love being a student from NC State. I mean, I already loved it before this, but being a student here means you are kinda important to the people from Raleigh. Today I was with my Engineering t-shirt and this old guy stopped and asked me “Which Engineering?”. He then talked about some of his relatives did Mechanical Engineering and were successful in life. The thing here with NC State is that most people studied here in the past and they love to see the news students. It’s just an amazing culture surrounding the university.

And okay, that’s enough. I have things I need to do. I didn’t study the whole day.


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