Days 92 to 94: Basketball!


ah, the most interesting thing that happened the last few days was definitely the Basketball game. Wolfpack’s team played really well, even if the other team was a shitty one (I don’t know how good Jackson State is supposed to be). I have a lot of faith in the Basketball team and so I will be watching all their games from now on. Hopefully, they won’t disappoint me!


It’s getting very cold here now, but it hasn’t snowed yet. That pissed me off. It’s snowing in COLORADO, but not here. The interesting thing, though, is to have experienced temperatures I could never experience in my city in Brazil. I was yesterday at the bus stop after the basketball game and it was 34ºF! That was amazing. I had a cold, so I was happy to get out of there, but it was truly unique experience.

I bought a lot of food for the Thanksgiving trip and have managed to read the book and play Amnesia recently. I have been managing my time really well. I like that! Shows how well I have adapted my life to this place.


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