Days 98 and 99: I love my friends from FOR 220!!


They are the most friendly Americans I have ever met. We make such a wonderful. I really like when we get together to do stuff that’s due, like, on the same day. Today we got together to work on 4 graphs and paragraphs that are due tomorrow and we had so much fun complaining about the professor adding too much stuff to the course and making us do the ridiculous things she asks from us hahahaha

Today I also learned I should, ALWAYS, review thoroughly the QUESTIONS and ANSWERS of the CE 382’s homework quizzes. This time I couldn’t finish the calculations because I didn’t remember how to do them. The exercise was very much like one the ones I did. I did the homework a day earlier. Everything is okay, though, because the professor will eliminate the homework quiz where we got the least grade. And another good thing I got from that is that I didn’t feel bad about it. I know it was my mistake, but what’s done is done and it won’t affect my grades at all. Studying here is definitely harder than in Brazil.


Oh, and another thing. So on Wednesday, my Nexus 5 had its SO upgraded. A lot of things changed and I think I didn’t set up the alarm right because it was very different. It didn’t work and I didn’t wake up in time for the MEA 200 class. That sucks a lot because I didn’t very well in 2/3 of the tests (I got a C in 2 of the 3 them) and the professor always gives away some questions and answers for the next test… I will have to ask someone if they took notes from them and I think I know who to ask for them. I fixed the smartphone problem, though, and now everything is back to normal.

I gotta start reviewing for the finals, I think. Specially for CE 382’s. It feel so far away as it will happen more then 2 weeks from today, but I’m not sure I will be able to study while at my motel near Disney.


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