Days 100 and 101: Almost at Disney!!


IMG_20141123_151017.   UhI gotta I’ve been feeling pretty lost these few days. Back at UTFPR, I would study like crazy for the last tests, and that isn’t happening here. I’ve managing my time very well. I’m doing tons of things besides studying. I know that’s a good thing, but it still doesn’t feel right… Yes, that’s word. It doesn’t feel “right”. I know as long as you are prepared, it’s okay for you to do other things and isn’t that what you wanted all along? I guess I’m just stupid or something like because I am adapted to the education system here. So (saying yo myself), Elvis, stop that, you have it under control. Just keep studying, finish the presentation tomorrow and you will be fine. Don’t worry about the small things because everything is fine.

Sunday I went to the Basketball game again and it was super awesome! This time, the team we played against put a tough challenge and I thought we were going to lose, but happily we didn’t. I had a very good time there and looking forward for the next home game after Thanksgiving.

Today two weird things happened. I woke up and someone had written my name on my fingers and a text on my palm. I couldn’t read the text because I erased part of it when I washed my face, though. I thought it was my roommate’s doing, but he said he didn’t even come here to sleep. The other creepy thing is that he said the woman he thought had given him the brownies actually wasn’t the person that had done that, so it’s still a mystery for both of was who was that white woman.

Today my awesome professor from CE 382 assigned his Indian assistant to lecture the class again. And again, I could barely understand what was being taught.

My MEA 200 professor is still struggling with my name and so am I.

I’ve started listening to Elvis Presley. He’s truly an awesome singer!!


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