Days 108 to 121: Four Months + Finals + Beginning of the Vacations!!


The day I came back from Orlando was truly… exciting. First was getting the bus and getting here in time for my CE 382 class. I totally thought I wouldn’t make it. Sure, I could have gotten a cab, but says I think cabs are worth it? Anyway, had I not made, I knew it would have been on me. Luckily, though, a third bus started riding to save my ass and I was able to get to the class and do the quiz like a boss. The only that happened before that is that I couldn’t find my room key at all. I had to leave my bag with one of my Brazilian friends.

I didn’t sleep much during the trip back to Raleigh. There were too many people opening the doors back and forth. That means I was very tired when I got back, but I assure you, I still managed to work out at the gym. It was just a day full of things to do because there were so many things to take of, like my newest addition to the room.

IMG-20141201-WA0007 IMG-20141212-WA0003

The PS4 came on Monday instead of Tuesday and since I wanted it very bad, I had to make the guy from TOTA give it to me earlier than he was supposed. I know he didn’t like it, but I had to.

It took me a while to start studying for the finals properly. My head wasn’t still at Disney World, but it was so long I guess I forgot to study. Well, I managed to bet back on track regardless of that. The priority was to finish studying for the CE 382 final. I was supposed to take it on Monday and there was a lot to cover. I got desperate, in the end, because I thought I wouldn’t be able to cover everything. Gladly, I did and I did well on the test. I did well on CE 381’s final too, although I basically started studying for it during the last 2 hours before I had to take it.

I got way too comfortable after doing so well on my first finals. So much that I didn’t take start studying for MEA 200’a and FOR 220’s finals until Tuesday because on Monday I commemorated my wins by playing some GTA V on the PS4. It was my first time playing MY OWN PS4 so it is a big deal for me. Man, there are just so many games to play and so little time!

I was unsure about my grade on the last MEA 200 test, but gladly, I did pretty well. FOR 220’s final was predictable. I did pretty well on it too.

I had the last group meeting with my FOR 220’s group and it was a blast! One of my friends brought a sugar glider for another friend and it was making noise. Everyone nearby could hear it and they were all staring at us. That was funny as hell. I love those Americans. Definitely the best I’ve met here and am gonna miss our meetings a lot.

About the beginning of the vacations, what’s there to say? I started playing The Last of US and am continuing my Current Gen GTA V playthrough. Both having been a lot of fun and soon I will be leaving to Wolf Village and eventually: Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York City.


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