From Days 121 to 145: Yes, I am back!


Wow, that’s a lot of time to cover. Where to even begin? Well, the beginning, of course. I continued playing The Last of Us and GTA V for as long as I could until I had to move to my friend’s apartment in Wolf Village. Those were pretty good days and now that I just had my first day of classes in the Spring term, I definitely miss them. I went to my friend’s apartment and actually liked being there. I liked being away from here for a while, that is, until I started missing the comfort of having my own room and not having to sleep on the couch. I hated having to eat McDonalds all the time there, and during my trips to Washington, Philadelphia and New York City. I met Michael in my friend’s place and thought he was a cool guy. I didn’t talk to any of the other ones, though. We didn’t have any reason to talk between us. In the end, I wish I could live there. It’s just bad that to do that, I would have to pay $400 extra and I don’t think it would be worth it. I’m fine here, but Wolf Village is definitely much better. I want to try cooking some things, but it’s impossible for me here since the kitchen is shared by pretty much everyone and thus, is always busy.

From Wolf Village I went to Washington DC. I was lucky, as I usually am when I got there. I walked out of the station to get a bus but ended up walking the streets looking for Union Station again. Good thing I had my phone as otherwise I wouldn’t have found it (still took me a while to find it and because of all that trouble, I missed my appointment with the hostel’s hosts). One thing I was really lucky with: I forgot my freaking debit card in the smartrip machine in the train station. Good thing I was very lucky no one saw it and I had noticed I was missing before it was too late. Afterwards, I got to the hostel and already knew I wasn’t going to like it much. The host had some problems with certain things I did and they didn’t serve breakfast (always had to have breakfast at an Au Bon Pain). DC was pretty nice. Loved the musems. Loved seeing the White House in person, as well as the Washington Monument. The people of Washington was just… pretty uneducated, but I already knew that. People from the south of the US are friendlier than in the north, even though the former is more conservative. IMG_20141223_105123

I went to Philadelphia, from DC. Did I ever tell you how much I love travelling by train? Brazil definitely needs to have something like we have here! Philly was pretty cool, but there weren’t a lot of things to do there that interested me. I saw the historical building where the Declaration of Independence was signed (seeing that place was pretty cool considering I had just seen the original Declaration in DC). There was also a penitentiary, Rocky steps and cool views of the city, but that was it. Didn’t like the transportation system there, though. If you are a student from of the region’s universities, it is pretty good, but if you are a tourist like I was, you have to buy the one day pass every day (and it’s $12) or tokens (and they aren’t cheap).


New York was definitely the best place I visited. I stayed in an American house and the hosts were VERY, VERY friendly. I can’t emphasize enough how friendly they were. They were so friendly I didn’t expect that and felt uncomfortable there sometimes. The city had a lot of good attractions, but the best ones were paid so I had to buy the city pass. I loved going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and MOMA the most. It was very cold there, but as I had suspected, it hadn’t snowed there (it’s snowing there now that I am already back in Raleigh ¬¬). I had to buy proper NYC winter clothes there, but gladly I got pretty lucky with the prices as there were many good sale opportunities and I was able to buy a really good winter jacket for less than half the price.

I got back and stayed at my friend’s place again. When I got back to the apartment, I loved how the university was desert for the most part. Too many people can sometimes stress me. It felt different. Very calm. I event ordered a really good 6 cheeses and bacon pizza (loved it btw). Loved having nothing to worry about than what to play and watch. I finished Lost, TWD and Doctor Who during the Winter Break. Very productive Break, truly.


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