From Days 145 to 152: First Week of Classes and Still no Snow!


Ah, first weeks of classes. They were rough. I tried my best not to let everything fall apart, but… nah, just kidding! I still have everything under control!

CE 581’s first class was not terrifying, but as I keep trying to solve the homework questions, I increase-ly realize the course is more difficult than I thought. The book is rare. There are no answers to the proposed exercises. No solutions manual. All the other courses, though, will be pretty easy. MEA 250, though, has a pretty funny Chinese professor. I almost dropped the class because of his accent, but it turns out I can understand him well. I love his classes the most. Did I tell you one of my American friends is having the same class (FOR 260) with me? I had classes with her last semester in the FOR 220 course! In a way, that’s my best course this term. It’s a nice change having someone you know and like in a class. She helps me out so much! She bought me my white hard hat. Now I definitely look like an Engineer 😛


As a final thought to the courses I’m taking this time, I have to say only CE 581 is gonna cause a lot of trouble. But as long as I pass it, I won’t have to do it in Brazil, which is totally worth it.

Going on about others things, though, I am happy to say I got a job interview for a position in Palo Alto, CA! I am truly happy I managed to get’s someone attention for an interview! I am nervous about having my first interview (and it being in English), but I really believe I can do it in an outstanding way and secure the position. That would effectively remove my worry of having to do research, even though I’ve already started sending emails to professors showing my interest.

The $900 that was supposed to come this week hasn’t come yet. Gosh, I really want to buy that Turtle Beach headset.


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