From Days 152 to 164: I got an internship!


I think the highlight of the last few days is the internship position I got in San Diego. First, let me tell you that after the interview with the Sierra Club guy, I was pretty sure I was going to get the position, but the thing is, IIE would not have accepted because it was just a par-time job. Luckily, the emails I have been sending to the professors in California weren’t in vain. After the day of my interview, a professor from San Diego State University invited to work for him until August 31st. He seems really interested in having me working for him, but regardless if I will truly like the research or not, I have achieved one of the things I wanted most for the Summer: to be in California, close to LA, SF and LV! I can’t believe how easy it will be for me to visit those cities and make a GTA SA tour hahahahaha Also, San Diego is a high cost city, so I will be receiving $2100 instead of just $900 🙂


Another important thing that has been happening is CE 581. Gosh, that thing is hard, but I have been managing to keep up with it. Barely, though. I am giving my best either way.

I bought a headset for the PS4 and I will never need another one in my life. It’s 7.1, comfortable, durable, and I am pretty sure it will work with other PS4’s (why not on the Xboxes too?)! I got 3 new games: Infamous 2, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Thief. So now I have 7 games in total. It’s difficult to resist PSN’s game deals, but I can’t buy more digital games. I prefer having the physical versions because of limited HDD space.

I got another friend now from Brazil who is living in Michigan and whenever I play, he always wants to chat with me while he watches my stream! I think what we have been doing is great, but most of the time I just enjoy playing alone. I can’t enjoy a game properly if I’m playing like that with someone.

Now, I still am undecided whether or not I will go to that kayak trip in Florida or stay here and play games in the comfort of my own room. They are both very tempting options.


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