Days 164 to 176: Not much to tell, really


I guess there are a few things I should tell. It’s probably not going to snow here and I’m pretty sure I won’t see the snow before coming back to Brazil. I’ve decided no to the readings before every class so that I will have more time for other things (like playing games), CE 581 is still a bitch and is becoming an even greater bitch, I won’t be kayaking in Florida for the Spring Break (and in the end, I think I’ve made the right choice because I can’t wait to relax and play games for 10 days straight) and my friend from MI can’t stop talking to me (honestly, it’s quite funny. He must really like me. I stopped talking to him for a day and he got really worried). Having friends like Lauren and Esther in my FOR 260 classes is really great. And I guess that’s all.  Bye bye.



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