From Days 195 to 219: Sorry I forgot to write here for almost a month


The truth this is becoming a burden to me. I liked writing here in the beginning every day, but not anymore. Anyhow, I will stick to my promise of covering all days.

These past many days have been marked by the Spring Break. I gotta tell you I stayed at Alexander until the last day. I went to bed pretty late and didn’t want to wake up early. The hall closing time was at 10 AM. A woman passed by all rooms, knocking on all doors and woke me up at 8 AM. I went to bed at around 3 AM, so I didn’t get a lot of sleep that day. After waking up, packing up everything to go to King Village felt like a race. I didn’t rush it, but I was worried of leaving after 10 AM. I sure as hell didn’t want to get locked inside or having to pay more for the extra minutes I stayed here. Nevertheless, I managed to get out more than 30 min before closing time. Getting to King Village took around 30 min and it was tiresome. My bags were heavy. I had to suitable places for everything, including the PS4 and the headsets, which I consider fragile (games, controller, etc, as well).


When I got to King Village, I knew I was gonna love that place and miss it. When I got to the main office, I had to call someone to get me my key because there was no one there. I got into the room and soon found out that besides having a kitchen, it was (almost) fully equipped. There were glasses, pots and pans, forks, knives, spoons, etc. The only missing there was a pressure cooker, but I didn’t mind not having it too much because they sell cooked beans at Food Lion (they call them Pinto Beans). After leaving everything in the room, I went to Food Lion to buy all the food I would need to cook lunch and dinner, as well as having breakfast in the morning. But since it was late and I hadn’t had breakfast, I went to Bojangles to get myself lunch. Honestly, I will never understand why people here like that place so much. Their food is nothing better than average and their fries are way too salty. But anyway, I enjoyed buying food at Food Lion. It was nice figuring out what I was going to need to cook rice.

I also had to wash my clothes since I was so worried about not having enough time to do it at Alexander that I put dirty clothes in the main bag. It was a busy day and I had time to play at night only (gosh, do I miss having to worry about playing only during those days). Good thing it was rest day from the gym and I didn’t have to go there as well, since thank goodness it was open during the Break. I played GTA with my friend that night, but went to bed pretty early because I was tired as fuck.

I cooked rice that day for an official, first time cooking rice it was okay. Put too much water, but I liked it. Much better than the steamed rice I have here sometimes at Fountain. Cooked sausage links, made myself lettuce (with the proper seasonings, that is, salt, oil and lemon, although there was no lemon at Food Lion and I had to buy some kind of crystallized lemon, which was expensive, but totally worth it, to put in the salad). I also bought Orange Tang to make juices, and for breakfast I got grape jelly, bread buns, low fat white milk and chocolate milk, and corn flakes. I love my everyday breakfast I have and didn’t want to get something different. There was a machine to make coffee, but as of I now I prefer that to making my own coffee. I wouldn’t have french bread since it’s pretty nonexistent around these parts.


The next few days were comprised of enjoying myself, pretty much. Waking up from an awesome bed that’s double the size of the one I have at Alexander, peace and tranquility all day long, going to an almost empty gym, making my own dinner and lunch, playing Resident Evil 5 with my friend at night, trying to playing GTA V… good times, good times indeed. I love King Village and if I could, I would return there, unfortunately, that was my first and only time there.

The last days there were sad ones. Knowing I would have to get back to this favela sucked. Sucked even more than knowing I would have classes again. However, I spent all my time there only on things I like. It was very relaxing. And did I forget to mention I left my mechanical pencil in the dirty clothes when putting them in the washing machine and dryer? It completely destroyed it and it is about $8. I will never let that happen again, for sure! In the grand scheme of things, though, it was just a minor annoyance. I quickly forgot it hahahahah

Before the Break I had some Snow Days and tests. The tests were alright and I miss the Snow Days, since it’s Spring time already. I made a snowman in the last snow day and a snow angel, although the latter didn’t turn out just they way I had hoped hahahaha

Anyway, this first new week at Alexander has been just like I imagined it would be. Full of favelados making barulhos e cachorrada all the time.