CSF 143 | NC State | My Best Moments

CSF 143 | NC State | My Best Moments | CSF 156
This video is a compilation of my best moments at NC State through Fall 2014 and Spring 2015. I miss NCSU a lot! The Wolfpack Football, the move in days, the Alexander Hall, the Talley, the basketball team, PNC Arena, among all the other things which are just too much to just list here. I went there as an exchange student as part of the CSF or BSMP program. CSF 143 also had a lot of students that came with me. Some of them became my friends. The Wolfpack nation welcomed me well. I miss living on campus, waking to go to classes. Studying in your home country just isn’t the same as studying in a foreign country.
This video contains my best moments at NC State. I recorded some football games, the Packapaloooza, the welcome week for freshmen, the snows days, the Schenck Forest, among other moments. This video isn’t a Top 10 because there’s no way I could have picked a best moment and a worst moment. They all have the same value for me.
NCSU, Wolfpack Nation, I miss you all. One day I shall come back to Raleigh. One day I shall come back to North Carolina. I would never trade my experience at NC State for anything. Krispy Kreme doughnuts and Bojangles, why don’t you two come to Brazil? And yes, I did eat plenty of burgers while I was at NC State.
And as always, GO PACK!

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