Let’s Plays with that Spicy Brazilian Accent and Brazilian Politics?!


Hey, what’s up guys! This is the intro video to my channel. As I already said  in the video, this channel is gonna be about 2 things: gaming and Brazilian politics. Now I know those are two very diverging themes, but I know there are a lot of people out there that like both things.

I will be making let’s play videos, top 10 and opinions of stuff about games. All my gaming content will be in English. Even if Let’s Play videos are very abundant on Youtube, I know that most other Brazilians that make Let’s Play do so in Portuguese. To make my Let’s Play, top 10 and opinion videos different, I plan on making them in English with a Brazilian accent. Hopefully will guys will like my accent.

I will also be making Brazilian politics videos, but mainly the ones that are about Bolsonaro. They will be most comical and in Portuguese. If I see a demand for translating those videos to English, I will make Bolsonaro (aka Bolsomito) and Brazilian politics videos in English as well.

I hope that you guys like this crazy channel about gaming, let’s plays, walkthrough, Bolsonaro, Brazilian politics, opinions, top 10, all in one place. Your support is vital to keep me entertained. So If you guys like this channel, don’t forget to subscribe, like and comment my videos. I hope that this channel intro video explains very well that this channel is about.

Thank you!


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