De los días 294 hasta 295: Que hastía me ha ocurrido ayer


Ayer tuve un día muy malo. No sé perder muy bien en FIFA y me quedé aburrido con mi aquí. Sin embargo, no estoy muy preocupado con el ocurrido porque él es un cara muy simpático e nadie le consigue aburrir definitivamente, pensó yo. No sé cuando tentaré jugar cualquier cosa él de nuevo.

Y estos últimos días me han quedado muy bien, na verdad. Porque estoy cada vez más me importando menos con la situación de mí amistad con mi amigo. Antes del veintiocho de agosto, sé que la mayoría sí no todos tendrán salido del segundo dormitorio y que mi amigo tentará hacer conmigo porque estará sólo. Cuando ese día llegar, y sé que llegaré, yo inventaré disculpas para no hacer nada con él y para que entienda lo que ven haciendo con mi persona hasta aquí.

Quiero mucho, mas mucho mismo apenas jugar ahora, pero sé que estudiar el Español y Maple es importante para mí, especialmente porque planeo ir a diversas naciones que hablan apenas ese idioma.

Me aburré mucho como diversas veces, especialmente cuando tengo que planear una viaje, me siento muy nervioso e inquieto, como estaba me sintiendo algunos minutos atrás. Hay algunas cosas erradas sobre mí que debo corregir, pero sé que soy una persona feliz y que me mola mucho ser de la forma que soy.

Ahora, necesito encontrar algo más para discutir porque tengo 14 minutos extras nos cuales debo me ocupar escribiendo eso, que es una manera muy  efectiva de aprender Español. Y una de esas cosas es como siento falta del mi hogar en la Carolina del Norte, especialmente porque allá tenía varios amigos y comodidad que aquí no tengo. Allá, yo tenía comida, personas que me conocían y me amaban, y estas son cosas muy importantes para mí, y son cosas que no tengo aquí, especialmente la comida.

Yo sé que cuando volver leer esto,pensaré que estaba loco y que estaba pensando mucho sobre cosas sin importancia, pero la verdad es que ahora, esas cosas me son importantes y tengo que pensar sobre ellas para para mejorar como una persona.

Hablé con mi madre sobre la viaje hasta Memphis para conocer y tirar fotos de la casa de Elvis Presley, la persona que inspiró mi madre a poner el mismo nombre a mí, y fue decidido que no debo ir hasta allá porque es muy lejos y no me quedaría mucho dinero cuando volverse al Brasil.


Y pasé dos horas del día de hoy vendo el juego de Brasil contra el México en un canal Mexicano de Tijuana y fue una experiencia increíble porque los comentaristas eran muy a favor de la equipo de México y siempre hablaban mal de mi nación de futbol. Pero, Brasil siendo, ganamos 2 a cero de la equipo Mexicano y ponemos los comentaristas callados.


Days 164 to 176: Not much to tell, really


I guess there are a few things I should tell. It’s probably not going to snow here and I’m pretty sure I won’t see the snow before coming back to Brazil. I’ve decided no to the readings before every class so that I will have more time for other things (like playing games), CE 581 is still a bitch and is becoming an even greater bitch, I won’t be kayaking in Florida for the Spring Break (and in the end, I think I’ve made the right choice because I can’t wait to relax and play games for 10 days straight) and my friend from MI can’t stop talking to me (honestly, it’s quite funny. He must really like me. I stopped talking to him for a day and he got really worried). Having friends like Lauren and Esther in my FOR 260 classes is really great. And I guess that’s all.  Bye bye.


Days 65 and 66: CAMPOUT


So yesterday I went to the Campout. That was a lot of fun, even though it was very tiring. I got 2 t-shirts for free (one from Amazon and another from the people who organized the event). I went with some friends, of course, but we didn’t actually camp out. What we did during the camping time was to find a place where we could take a nap. That place turned out to be Bragaw Hall because Alexander was so noisy at the time. One of my friends won a coffee machine and I wish I had won the kindle, even though I don’t think I would have used it a lot. Another thing I did during the Campout was to watch the movie Annabelle at the Mission Valley Theater with some people from Spain. Those 6 loyalty points were definitely worth it!

Today not much happened except that I managed to wake up soon enough to have time to do a lot of things, which I have been doing!


Day 41 – Great day!


So today was composed of some great moments, except I forgot (again) to take my teeth brushing apparel with me and had to come back after the MEA 200 class just so I could get rid of the annoying feeling you get when you don’t brush your teeth. When I was going back, I met Chelsea (I think that’s how her name is spelled) and a girl asking if today we were going to meet at Pullen Park or not for the FOR 220 class.

MEA 200 and FOR 220 classes were just as usual. After spending my time with them, I went to Fountain to eat and guess what happened afterwards: I decided to try a very sweet milk they have here and it almost destroyed my stomach. It was so sweet it made me feel so bad I thought I wouldn’t be ready for the GTI 401 class. But gladly, I had some stomach medicine and they worked pretty well. I only had to go the bathroom 10 times today, lol.


Today was the First Day of Fall (officially) and it was (still is) pretty cold (55 ºF). The change from the last day of summer to the first day of fall wasn’t gradual at all. Yesterday, it was still hot and the weather app on my phone tells me it’s gonna rain some days from today. It also tells me the temperature is gone be about this cold.

Has my English improved since I came here? Definitely a little bit. I’ve gotten used to talking to people in English and prefer the English language even when I’m with my Brazilian friends.

Today I met my Pakistan friend (don’t remember his name at all) in the GTI class and  I found out he was expecting a message from me about when we were going to play tennis. That made me feel pretty bad, but we are going to make up for it tomorrow after CE 381’s class.

Time is passing quickly here now that I have a routine here, and I hate and love that. Routine is great in a way because it makes me feel like I have control over something, but time simply appears to pass quicker because you are doing the same things over and over. I have even stopped taking pics because there’s nothing new to take pics of.

Day 40 – Oops!


So yesterday I played racquetball with my American-Brazilian friend (ie, was born in Brazil, but raised here) and I’ve gotta say I feel pretty bad. We didn’t know how to play the sport, so we kept hitting the ball to the wall. We play very badly (although, I play it worse than him) and ended up hitting him with the ball.


Day 28: Not a lot happened


IMG_20140910_192959I don’t have a lot to say about Day 28, except that course CE 382 became much harder and got a nice surprise from CE 381 (ie, the lab memo wasn’t due this Friday. It was actually due this Thursday), so I had to spend most of my night at the library and in my room, finishing that.

The Small Group Class class of GTI 401 was great and loads of fun, but I didn’t know I had to bring a song (I thought I had to bring it for the next week’s main class). The Chinese students are very friendly, though. It’s certainly something I never expected (although that’s something I noticed before).

Then I finished my lab memo and went to sleep. Like I said, not a lot happened on Day 28.

Day 27: Made some Chinese friends!


So today started basically like any other day here. Went to have breakfast at Fountain (I started going only there these few last days. It’s the best place to eat in terms of food). It stopped raining here, so now I can enjoy the cool climate properly. MEA 200 was much better today as I felt much less sleepy than before. FOR 220 was pretty interesting because I was the ONLY ONE who hadn’t finished last class homework on the same day (I like taking my time with stuff. It was like that in Brazil and it will never change). After both classes, I left the classrooms with a feeling of “Well done, man. You did it right this time”.


When to Fountain again to have lunch. Ah, and possible one day I will take pics of the interior of the Dining Halls. I’m just a little afraid that is not permitted here. Had a good lunch. Honestly, I’m used to the food now. Maybe some days from now I will see myself wondering how to live without the daily burgers hahahaha

Then I spent the rest of my time in the library trying to study a text for the next class (GTI 401 – US Culture and Education Colloquium) and failing horribly. Honestly, I don’t know exactly what’s happening with me. I just get sleepy whenever I read certain texts.

And well, GTI 401 class was lots of fun. The teacher forced Brazilians to seat with Chinese students and vice-versa, and I met two interesting persons as a result of that. I don’t remember their names in Chinese, but one of them was called Lucas in his American name. Yes, they actually come up with American names so that they don’t make other people struggle with their real names. I imagine everyone who has weird names do that. But I’m lucky my name is already an English name so I don’t have to worry about that. Next time I will definitely try to seat with them. They were a lot of fun, and I do prefer being with foreigners here than with Brazilians.

So after that I went back to Fountain for dinner. It was also pretty good. Again, as in lunch, we had pasta, but the sauce sucked. I don’t know the origins of the sauce here, but it never tastes good.

After dinner I went to a hallway “mandatory” meeting about some questions we have to answer and email to our Mentor of the first floor (his name is Fabian). I don’t remember all the questions, but one was about why I’m taking my current courses and my least favorite course. He also informed when the Fire Marshal will come (it will be this Sept. 26th). I don’t know if you already know about Fire Marshals, but they get inside your room to check for possible fire-igniting zones/devices and you definitely don’t want them to find a toaster in your room, so we have to be prepared for when they come (that is, we have to remove everything that might cause a fire in the room).


Then later I went to a Coffee Talk and got a really cool new mug. Picture is below. I will definitely take it to Brazil! It’s so beautiful!! In the Coffee Talk we talked about the differences between American and foreign universities. It was pretty interesting, but I spent all my time there eating and listening than contributing, unfortunately. This happens very often with me.

After that I went for a burrito at Talley and didn’t like it a lot. I will probably throw away what I didn’t eat. I don’t think I will ever buy another burrito again.

Then I came back to my room to study. I was conflicted between staying here and going to the library, because I study better there, but I decided to stay here in the end. It didn’t feel like worth the effort to go to Hill Library just to stay there 2 hours or so at night. Ah and the person I was planning on going with to Chicago didn’t post anything today, so I think I might have to there by myself. But happily I will meet Adriana and Cleomar there.

Later I found Erick and spent some time in his room. We made plans for a tennis match this Friday afternoon at 3. I invited my roomie and Pedro so that we could form 2 groups of 2.

Ah and I forgot to mention, but Gabriel fell off his skateboard today and it was pretty bad. I hope he’s okay and the insurance will cover most if not all of the costs of the treatment.

And well, here I am not typing. I will post another post tomorrow. Ah and tomorrow I will play another game with my Indian friend again.

See you soon o/