From Days 195 to 219: Sorry I forgot to write here for almost a month


The truth this is becoming a burden to me. I liked writing here in the beginning every day, but not anymore. Anyhow, I will stick to my promise of covering all days.

These past many days have been marked by the Spring Break. I gotta tell you I stayed at Alexander until the last day. I went to bed pretty late and didn’t want to wake up early. The hall closing time was at 10 AM. A woman passed by all rooms, knocking on all doors and woke me up at 8 AM. I went to bed at around 3 AM, so I didn’t get a lot of sleep that day. After waking up, packing up everything to go to King Village felt like a race. I didn’t rush it, but I was worried of leaving after 10 AM. I sure as hell didn’t want to get locked inside or having to pay more for the extra minutes I stayed here. Nevertheless, I managed to get out more than 30 min before closing time. Getting to King Village took around 30 min and it was tiresome. My bags were heavy. I had to suitable places for everything, including the PS4 and the headsets, which I consider fragile (games, controller, etc, as well).


When I got to King Village, I knew I was gonna love that place and miss it. When I got to the main office, I had to call someone to get me my key because there was no one there. I got into the room and soon found out that besides having a kitchen, it was (almost) fully equipped. There were glasses, pots and pans, forks, knives, spoons, etc. The only missing there was a pressure cooker, but I didn’t mind not having it too much because they sell cooked beans at Food Lion (they call them Pinto Beans). After leaving everything in the room, I went to Food Lion to buy all the food I would need to cook lunch and dinner, as well as having breakfast in the morning. But since it was late and I hadn’t had breakfast, I went to Bojangles to get myself lunch. Honestly, I will never understand why people here like that place so much. Their food is nothing better than average and their fries are way too salty. But anyway, I enjoyed buying food at Food Lion. It was nice figuring out what I was going to need to cook rice.

I also had to wash my clothes since I was so worried about not having enough time to do it at Alexander that I put dirty clothes in the main bag. It was a busy day and I had time to play at night only (gosh, do I miss having to worry about playing only during those days). Good thing it was rest day from the gym and I didn’t have to go there as well, since thank goodness it was open during the Break. I played GTA with my friend that night, but went to bed pretty early because I was tired as fuck.

I cooked rice that day for an official, first time cooking rice it was okay. Put too much water, but I liked it. Much better than the steamed rice I have here sometimes at Fountain. Cooked sausage links, made myself lettuce (with the proper seasonings, that is, salt, oil and lemon, although there was no lemon at Food Lion and I had to buy some kind of crystallized lemon, which was expensive, but totally worth it, to put in the salad). I also bought Orange Tang to make juices, and for breakfast I got grape jelly, bread buns, low fat white milk and chocolate milk, and corn flakes. I love my everyday breakfast I have and didn’t want to get something different. There was a machine to make coffee, but as of I now I prefer that to making my own coffee. I wouldn’t have french bread since it’s pretty nonexistent around these parts.


The next few days were comprised of enjoying myself, pretty much. Waking up from an awesome bed that’s double the size of the one I have at Alexander, peace and tranquility all day long, going to an almost empty gym, making my own dinner and lunch, playing Resident Evil 5 with my friend at night, trying to playing GTA V… good times, good times indeed. I love King Village and if I could, I would return there, unfortunately, that was my first and only time there.

The last days there were sad ones. Knowing I would have to get back to this favela sucked. Sucked even more than knowing I would have classes again. However, I spent all my time there only on things I like. It was very relaxing. And did I forget to mention I left my mechanical pencil in the dirty clothes when putting them in the washing machine and dryer? It completely destroyed it and it is about $8. I will never let that happen again, for sure! In the grand scheme of things, though, it was just a minor annoyance. I quickly forgot it hahahahah

Before the Break I had some Snow Days and tests. The tests were alright and I miss the Snow Days, since it’s Spring time already. I made a snowman in the last snow day and a snow angel, although the latter didn’t turn out just they way I had hoped hahahaha

Anyway, this first new week at Alexander has been just like I imagined it would be. Full of favelados making barulhos e cachorrada all the time.



From Days 176 to 195: I feel like I’ve always lived here


Not that that has occurred to me only recently, but I wanted to bring that up now. The first 1-2 months felt like “man, this place is still kinda alien to me. It feels like I came here yesterday”, but now I can’t even imagine I took a plane from Londrina to Raleigh. I feel like I was born and raised. One of my American friends asked me if that was a good thing, and I told her it’s good I’ve gotten used to living here, but when departing it’s gonna be very sad.

It has snowed a lot recently and I’ve lost 2 days of classes this week. One of my professors had to delay an exam twice already and considering how crazy the weather is here, I wouldn’t doubt if next Tuesday and Thursday there was snow here again. I won’t have two weeks of MEA 250 classes because this week I didn’t have any classes Tuesday and Thursday, and next week he will be doing a cruise in Asia.

I did pretty average on the CE 581 midterm, but considering the whole class did no better than me and that  8 the professor gave everyone an extra 8 points, I did pretty well. From 27 out of 40, I got 35! That’s a very high score for a first midterm and gave me a lot of confidence on my skills and intelligence in dealing with a course as difficult as Fluid Mechanics!


Spring Break is almost here and I can barely wait for it. I will be able to catch up with all the games that have been launched so far for the PS4 (or at least I will try to) and I will be playing online with a friend of mine while living in a cosy, single room at King Village (close to Cookout, Bojangles and Food Lion).

Days 108 to 121: Four Months + Finals + Beginning of the Vacations!!


The day I came back from Orlando was truly… exciting. First was getting the bus and getting here in time for my CE 382 class. I totally thought I wouldn’t make it. Sure, I could have gotten a cab, but says I think cabs are worth it? Anyway, had I not made, I knew it would have been on me. Luckily, though, a third bus started riding to save my ass and I was able to get to the class and do the quiz like a boss. The only that happened before that is that I couldn’t find my room key at all. I had to leave my bag with one of my Brazilian friends.

I didn’t sleep much during the trip back to Raleigh. There were too many people opening the doors back and forth. That means I was very tired when I got back, but I assure you, I still managed to work out at the gym. It was just a day full of things to do because there were so many things to take of, like my newest addition to the room.

IMG-20141201-WA0007 IMG-20141212-WA0003

The PS4 came on Monday instead of Tuesday and since I wanted it very bad, I had to make the guy from TOTA give it to me earlier than he was supposed. I know he didn’t like it, but I had to.

It took me a while to start studying for the finals properly. My head wasn’t still at Disney World, but it was so long I guess I forgot to study. Well, I managed to bet back on track regardless of that. The priority was to finish studying for the CE 382 final. I was supposed to take it on Monday and there was a lot to cover. I got desperate, in the end, because I thought I wouldn’t be able to cover everything. Gladly, I did and I did well on the test. I did well on CE 381’s final too, although I basically started studying for it during the last 2 hours before I had to take it.

I got way too comfortable after doing so well on my first finals. So much that I didn’t take start studying for MEA 200’a and FOR 220’s finals until Tuesday because on Monday I commemorated my wins by playing some GTA V on the PS4. It was my first time playing MY OWN PS4 so it is a big deal for me. Man, there are just so many games to play and so little time!

I was unsure about my grade on the last MEA 200 test, but gladly, I did pretty well. FOR 220’s final was predictable. I did pretty well on it too.

I had the last group meeting with my FOR 220’s group and it was a blast! One of my friends brought a sugar glider for another friend and it was making noise. Everyone nearby could hear it and they were all staring at us. That was funny as hell. I love those Americans. Definitely the best I’ve met here and am gonna miss our meetings a lot.

About the beginning of the vacations, what’s there to say? I started playing The Last of US and am continuing my Current Gen GTA V playthrough. Both having been a lot of fun and soon I will be leaving to Wolf Village and eventually: Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York City.

Days 102 to 107: DISNEY WORLD


Wow, it has been quite some without coming here, no? After coming from Disney I had a lot of finals to study for, and since I wanted to take my time when posting my time at Disney World, I decided to delay posting about to today.

Let’s start with the day before I got the train. It wasn’t an average day as I knew I was leaving a place that’s now pretty familiar to me. I knew I was going to the gym, Fountain, class, for the last time before Thanksgiving, so it felt pretty weird going to those places and looking at them that way. The most interesting thing that happened that day, though, was going to the GTI class (which I got an A-, btw), and finding out I and my group would not have time to do our presentation. All groups presentation were just as I had in Brazil: people that didn’t prepare very well or that isn’t good with speaking in front of a public trying to perform that requires a lot of effort. It was pretty boring and I could barely pay attention to what they were saying, specially to the Chinese people. Oh, we all brought food there.Typical food from our countries. I ate some of the Chinese food items, but I thought they all tasted pretty bad. The Cheese Bread, though, being a typical Brazilian food, was pretty good. Oh, and I guess I’m glad we didn’t have a chance to present that day because I had not made my fast-food hat.

After the class I came back to my room, the bag was already pre-prepared for the trip and all I had to do was: make sure I had everything and that I had followed requests regarding the condition of the room before leaving (that is, unplug everything except the refrigerator and microwave, and throw away all the trash in the room). Afterwards, I got a bus to the train station. I got there way too early (I think I was early by three hours, but I don’t remember that  exactly now). Gladly, I had the Stephen King book and my friend in Brazil to entertain me while I waited for the train. When it came, boarding procedure was new to me, but I managed to get inside without a lot of problems occurring.
Once inside, I read the book and even managed to finish it, but I couldn’t sleep in the train. The seats were comfy and there was a lot of space to stretch my legs, but I just couldn’t. I am very needy when it comes to sleeping and all things have to be perfect. I guess I couldn’t sleep because there was a lot going on on my mind that day, like, being afraid of someone stealing my stuff while I was sleeping. Ride to Kissimme was smooth, but the train makes a lot of noise. I had “breakfast” in the train before arriving at the Kissimmee station, but it was pretty expensive (about $10.00 for chicken sandwich and 100mL of milk).

I called my mom before arriving in Kissimmee to tell her I was almost there and how scenery of Florida was very different from the one in North Carolina. We talked a lot, but from there I knew I would be arriving in Kissimmee pretty soon. When I got there, my first priority was to get my bag and then the bus to the motel. Getting the bag was a bit confusing, but I managed to get it and the bus. That day I learned how bad the local public transport (Lynx) is. They are pretty much the same as here.

Getting to the motel was difficult, but of course I managed to get there safely. That’s the thing with travelling. Doing certain things is difficult, but they are part of the adventure. I checked in and went to my bedroom and my god, I knew I had booked something much better than what I had in Chicago, but I didn’t know it was that much better. I had a double bedroom, a tv, chairs, tables, sink, towels, bathtub, shower and toilet just for myself. I wish I had that here. I had an awesome time in that room. One the best since I came to the US. IMG_20141126_131422


I didn’t have much to enjoy the room, though. I had to go to Disney that day. I had enough time (or so I thought), but the problem is that almost no one there knew how to get from Reedy Creek to the Ticket and Transportation Center. It took me a while to find out, but I managed to. To get to Disney from where I was living, you have to get bus 55 going to Downtown Kissimmee, stop at the first stop and get bus 56 from across the avenue. Usually, by doing that I think it took me always about 30 min to get to Disney. Either I was lucky, or both buses’ schedule were set up in such a way someone like me could take them to get to Disney, or it was all just a big coincidence.

First time getting there was MIND BLOWING. Seeing the signs for the first time, the “Welcome to Disney” and “Magic Kingdom” signs had already made the trip worth it. I could not believe I was going to Disney. As a child, I loved the cartoons and going there was realizing a childhood dream. When I got there, the first thing I did was to buy the 4-day ticket, of course. I preferred buying them there. I did not know anything about the parks, so I went to the one that felt better going to, and that park was “Magic Kingdom”.

Magic Kingdom was the best park for me by far. There was so much going on there and so many activities. I loved the musicals, the castle. My first ride was in the Haunted House and man, was that MIND BLOWING too. I don’t remember right now where I headed next, but I remember going to the Tomorrowland section, riding the Space Mountain Roller Coaster (which is by far the scariest of all the Roller Coasters at Disney World and the coolest one too). Took a ride around the Tomorrowland section too. Rode the Speedway vehicle. Rode the 7 Dwarfs Roller Coaster (a cool roller coaster too, but Space Mountain was still the most thrilling). Watched the Musical at the Castle, as well as the show of lights and the fireworks show before coming back.



IMG_20141126_220415I came back pretty late and only bus 56 was still in operation. That means I could either call a cab or go on foot. I decided to go back to the motel on foot as I didn’t want to pay the absurd price taxis usually charge on you. It was a long walk, though, and frankly, a quite scary one. But of course, I managed to get back in one piece. I had an awesome time eating the local restaurant’s dinner (best dinner in Americe I’ve had so far), taking a shower at the bathtub (although, I guess I don’t know how to take showers in the bathtub because I found it hard to take a shower in it. I couldn’t clean some parts of my body. properly). I went to sleep and all was ready for the second day.

In the second day I let my best friend Rayanne decide which park I should go. There were Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom available. We thought Animal Kingdom was just a zoo, and between Hollywood Studios and Epcot, she chose the first one. Hollywood Studios was INCREDIBLE. The first thing that always gets everyone’s attention is Mickey’s big ass Sorcerer’s hat. Of course that was the first place I went to was the hat. Took a bunch of pictures of the place and that’s it. At the Studios, the next thing I did was to go to the Great Movie Ride. That was an awesome ride. Very immersive and there were even some explosions.


IMG_20141127_114757One of the things I most liked about Disney was the souvenir bucket for eating popcorn. It’s expensive ( about $5 for a bucket full of popcorn), but still totally worth it and something you should do when going to Disney. Pic:


Afterwards, I went to the Beauty and the Beast Musical. It was beautiful and something very funny happened while I was there. One of the actors, the one that performed the cup character (I don’t know his name), fell to the floor and could not stand up again. Of course I felt pretty bad because I was worried he might lose his job, but it was funny regardless. The audience and I applauded him, of course. We did not want to feel bad about a mistake like that.


I went to the Tower of Terror next. It was one of the best rides O rode there. Thrilling and scary at the same time. It’s very different from many Super Shot/Free Fall rides because it doesn’t just go up and down. It goes up, then down, then up again, and again, and it drops. It makes you feel like you can’t take it anymore and just want it to stop. I know Space Mountain made me feel like that.


IMG_20141127_140136I should also mention it was after this ride I figured out how to use the Fast Pass+ system and could make the most of my time at Disney.

IMG_20141127_141712After that I explored the Studios until the time for the Indiana Jones Spectacular was open for me. I saw many interesting places there, like a representation (a very convincing one) of New York and another one of San Francisco. I even saw the Dalmatas there!



While I was exploring I found Mickey and guess what I did? I took a pic with him, of course!


Indiana Jones’ Spectacular was great! Many explosions and acting. The point of the Spectacular was to give the audience a glimpse of what’s like making an Indiana Jones’ movie.

IMG_20141127_161411Of course that, after the Spectacular, I went to Mickey’s Start Traders and took some cool pics with the hats:


IMG_20141127_164345Afterwards, I went to the Journey of the Little Mairmaid show.


The last thing I did at the Studios was to go a Mickey Show. Pretty epic and cool.

IMG_20141127_185632But oh wait, I also went to a Star Wars ride!:


IMG_20141127_192040And that’s it for the second day. I left Studios, came back to the motel and had another incredible dinner.

IMG_20141127_191505Alright, I gotta wrap this up. Next day I went to Epcot. It was the park I least liked. The rides and shows just weren’t as fun as in the other parks. I loved Mission: SPACE, Spaceship Earth, the Chevrolet Test Track, taking a bunch of pics of the beautiful places, Captain EO, getting inside the cars of the Test Track, going through the garden, etc.


IMG_20141128_140219Fourth day I spent at the last park and I thought it was the second best. So many fun activities, and I had the most fun at the Everest Roller Coaster. So many memorable pics too. Love the Africa zoo, the Nemo Musical, the tropical ecosystem zoo, the wet ride, dinoland, Save the Dinosaur Expedition, etc.

IMG_20141129_104920 62e4d106ca0198886ca7768d566b96f9eae5fc08 IMG_20141129_145242

Last day in Florida and I spent in exploring Orlando. On my way there I talked to a woman from Venezuela and she was a cool one. She knew some Portuguese and I knew some Spanish so we kinda taught each other there hahahaha and actually, there were some interesting conversations during the time I spent in Florida. First there was this really cool boy who was insisting he was from South Korea and two families from North Carolina. One was from Charlotte and the other one from Chapel Hill. Interestingly, I met the latter the day the NCSU football played against UNC and destroyed them. That was an interesting moment 😛

I came back by train. Took a while and I almost missed a class as well as my key, bet everything ended well.

28eea53d530a2235eac15b35a85009fc8a01d190 IMG_20141201_090159IMG_20141130_131931 IMG_20141130_184215

Last thing I gotta say: I bought my PS4 while I was there because the bed was so comfy I didn’t feel like getting up to go to Disney and most houses in Orlando are made of bricks (not like the houses in Raleigh that are made of wood).

Days 67 and 68: Finally had some time to play the PS4 again


Yesterday I had some free time to play PS4 after having done all the available course activities. Interestingly, though, I only had  la that chance because of one of the professors forgot to post the data collected in the last lab class of CE 381. Also, I didn’t warn him until today because I didn’t feel like missing the chance of going into the game lab hihi

I played Killzone: Shadow Fall for what I believe almost 3 hours. I found out the game was pretty good, a little hard and sometimes hard to find out what to do.


Today nothing interesting happened except I’m not as in high spirit as I was yesterday. I have been managing to apply to some internship positions, read the news, and do some other things except studying all the time.

Oh yeah: so my next quarterly payment has been ordered and soon I will be able to buy the tickets to go to Orlando, as well as the Disney ones!